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Millers Oils: Improve YOUR Vehicle's Performance Today

MotorNuts is a proud supplier of vehicle oils and fluids manufactured by Millers Oils, a brand with well over a century of heritage. Founded in 1887 and still a local employer to this day, Millers was the  first producer of long drain interval oil for trucks and also produced the first diesel specific engine oil for cars.

One of the bestselling products in the range is CVL Turbo, designed to enhance vehicle performance by adding up to 40 octane points to base fuel. The deterioration of pump fuel is leading to more and more engine builders using CVL Turbo from Millers Oils, brought to you by MotorNuts.

CVL Turbo has been shown to provide similar flame front control as, which enables engines to run more advanced ignition timing, without any danger of detonation or pre-ignition. It can be successfully mixed with all types of fuel including leaded, unleaded, LRP; it can also be used with other fuels containing octane enhancing additives, including MTBE, ethanol and oxygenates but for maximum effect should be used in conjunction with premium, higher octane unleaded fuel.

Effective in engines fitted with catalytic convertors and knock sensors, Millers Oils CVL Turbo is sold by MotorNuts in economical 500ml packs at a highly competitive price. CVL Turbo is just one of the many Millers Oils products available from our website and we invite you to browse the whole collection. Look forward to better vehicle performance when you buy Millers Oils from MotorNuts!

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New Product Range: Introducing Dinitrol

MotorNuts is an official supplier of products from a diverse range of companies, each of which have a proven track record of producing reliable items of professional quality. We are proud to announce that our product portfolio has been significantly extended with a range of items from globally-renowned brand Dinitrol, which has a TrustPilot rating of five out of five stars.

Dinitrol was established in Germany in 1937. In the eight decades since the company was launched, it has grown to become a world-leading manufacturer of OEM-approved products, relying on a carefully-selected network of suppliers to retail its goods. Dinitrol produces specialised systems for corrosion protection, vehicle glass bonding, structural bonding and sealing, vehicle body repair and sound and vibration damping.

High and continually increasing demand for Dinitrol products has seen the company grow exponentially; the product range is now available in more than 50 countries around the world. A program of dedicated reinvestment ensures that Dinitrol is always developing new and innovative products for the automotive sector, maintaining and building upon the company's impressive reputation for excellence.

Before MotorNuts agree to become official suppliers of any brand, we take care to ensure that the brand is respected, reputable and reliable. Thorough research into Dinitrol has proved the brand to be all three of these things and we look forward to supplying Dinitrol Products.

For more news and updates about Dinitrol products available at MotorNuts, along with lots of other features, sign up for our newsletter.

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British Grand Prix: The Results are IN

A massive crowd of well over 140,000 people at Silverstone was delighted to see Lewis Hamilton, five-time winner of the British Grand Prix, storm into first place for a record sixth time. The win is Hamilton's seventh from a total of 10 rounds, puts him a full 39 points clear from his closest competitor Valtteri Bottas in the championship standings and takes him one step closer to his sixth world title.

British Grand Prix: The Results are IN

Hamilton took advantage of a safety car to jump ahead of  Bottas, his Mercedes teammate, in the nailbiting race. His final lap was nothing short of sensational: he achieved a new track record and scored a bonus point for the achievement.

Hotly-tipped Charles Leclerc, driving for Ferrari, ended up finishing third after incurring a 10-second penalty for causing a collision between Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. Vettel crashed into the back of Verstappen, sustaining damage that caused him to drop all the way back to 16th place: Verstappen himself managed to finish in fifth.

Another British driver, George Russel, also enjoyed success at the British Grand Prix. Although he finished in 14th place, this was a career best for the novice driver. Lando Norris, also from the UK, was less successful, crossing the line in a disappointing 11th place on this, his maiden home event.

The prestigious Grand Prix event is extra exciting when it’s on home turf and a highlight for anyone with a passion for cars Though, for almost everyone, competing in such a race is only a dream, we all love and respect our own vehicles just as much as the Formula 1 drivers. That's why we want to keep them in perfect shape, inside and out.

To help you achieve this perfection, we supply the most comprehensive collection of car parts, accessories, tools, oils, treatments, additives and more. Enter your reg NOW and find out what's on offer for YOUR vehicle or check out our list to find your favourite brands.

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Campervans: Facts, Figures and Fun!

The campervan, based on the Volkswagen Transporter, is perhaps the most iconic holiday vehicle. Just the sight of one of these classic vans brings to mind long, chilled-out roadtrips and gives everyone that holiday feeling! If you're planning a trip in one of these beauties, then get yourself in the mood with these fun facts...

  • Campervans have been in production for well over 60 years, with more than 10 MILLION of them rolling off the production line in this time
  • With an average length of 4.38m, these 10 million vehicles parked end to end would stretch a colossal 43,800,000 metres, which is enough to circle the globe 1.09 times
  • During the average campervan holiday of one week with two adults, more than 37 cups of tea will be drunk. This is based on research by the UK Tea Council that suggests the average adult drinks 2.85 cups of tea a day
  • Lidos are popular places to visit on a campervan holiday and the three most popular are Saltdean Lido in Bristol, Changford Swimming pool in Dartmoor and Ilkley Lido in West Yorkshire
  • The most popular UK destinations for campervan holidays are in Cornwall and Scotland, followed by Yorkshire, Devon and Cumbria
  • VW campervans are produced in a rainbow of colours, but which is the most popular? According to Danbury Motor Caravans, light blue is the most preferred with 19.1% of campervans produced in this colour. Closely following are sage (15.6%), black (9.4%) and red/burgundy (8.3%)
  • Plenty of celebrities are fans of the VW campervan, including Jamie Oliver, Richard Hammond, Martin Clunes, Robbie Williams and Jo Whiley
  • The UK weather is notoriously fickle and, even in summer, families may find themselves confined to their vans by rain. Board games are surprisingly popular, with chess and monopoly topping the list

Here at Motornuts, we've got everything you need to make sure your VW Transporter is in tip-top condition for your holiday. Check out our website to discover your options and prepare for the staycation of a lifetime!

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Everything you need to know about Colour Matched Paints

Q – I don’t know my paint code but I need a touch up?

A – We access your paint code using our mixing system - simply enter your vehicle reg, which will bring up the make, model and colour, place your order and we will do the rest

Q – Where can I find my paint code?

A – Your paint code will be in your vehicles hand book and can also be found on a sticker or plate on the car; usually located inside the door frame, under the bonnet, in the glove box or wheel well. You can also check out the handy paint code finder from our paint partners at MPEX.

Q – Can you just get paints colour matched for cars?

A – As well as cars we can match paints for bikes, motorcycles, commercial and agricultural vehicles: we have over 77,000 colours including RAL, BS and pantone shades

Q – I have a classic car, can I get colour matched paint?

A- We can still match paint colours for classic and vintage vehicles but not by registration look up. In this instance we would need you to check for your paint code, or know the colour name... any queries you can ask our expert team who will be happy to help.

*if you have a Rover and for some other older vehicles we would need your paint code

Q- Which size paint is best for which type of scratch?

A – For respray’s obviously an aerosol is what you need, for scratches and chips you can choose either a 100ml pot touch up with a fine brush or a 20ml pen with a needle point pen and super fine brush. The pen is ideal for fine detailed scratches, scuffs and stone chips as the needle point allows just the right amount of paint to be applied and sits nicely in the scratch.

Q – Do I need to use a primer and lacquer?

A – A primer is only required if your chip or scratch goes down to the metal and if any rust is present. A lacquer is recommended in most instances – especially with metallic paints. It should be applied 24 hours after the coloured coat and will give a perfect finish.

Q – How do I get the touch up to look its best?

A – The key to applying a successful touch up is smooth, light strokes and building up layers to the original paintwork level - leave to dry for 10-25 minutes between coats or 24 hours before lacquer.

Q – Can you mix pearlescent paints?

A – Most modern paints are metallic and many are pearlescent and we can mix 99% of pearlescent paint codes. There are a few tri-colour mixes that cannot be matched.

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Colour matched paints - now available!

Stone chip, door scratch...don’t go Nuts, Go MotorNuts for a touch up or re-spray!

MotorNuts have another exciting new product line that customers are going to love...colour matched paints, mixed to order.

Always on a mission to make things easier for our car loving customers we have an exclusive new product and system from leading brand MPEX to match the right coloured paint to your vehicle.

Previously to get a colour matched paint you would need to know your paint code, or be sent to look it up on your vehicle.

We have an online exclusive bit of software that allows us to do the hard work for you.

Simply select whether you need a touch up pot and brush, touch up high precision pen or aerosol spray, then give us your reg and we will mix the exact colour match touch up  and dispatch straight to you.

There are paint matches for cars, motorcycles, commercial and agricultural vehicles, available in over 77,000 colours including RAL, BS and pantone shades.

We have teamed up with leading specialists MPEX on these paints because they are body shop standard 1k quality paints.

Unlike cheap paints which can give far less accuracy in colour matches and can be prone to reactions or contaminations our MPEX paint is professional quality 1k air dried paint using a tinter system so gives a far more precise paint match.

For a small scratch – our high precision touch up pen perfectly applies the paint within the scratch without leaving excess on the bodywork.

For a scratch, scrape or chip wider than 3mm our touch up pot with its flat, fine brush head is the perfect way to apply your paint.

For re sprays – our colour match aerosols with adjustable nozzle gives a body shop quality finish.

MPEX paints are currently being advertised on DAVE...the TV home of motoring nuts...check out the ad here.


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The new motoring laws you need to know from May 2018

The new motoring laws you need to know about from Spring 2018

There are a number of new and changing laws that all motorist need to be aware of from this May so here is a round up from out MotorNuts.

·        New MOT system

As from May the MOT system will introduce new categories in theory making it harder to pass if you have any defects.

Issues will now be flagged as:

-          Dangerous

-          Major

-          Minor  

Dangerous and major will both deem fails. Minor, along with advisory issues that are noted now will be passed.

In addition Diesel Filters now form part of the check and daytime running lights will also be checked from now on. Vehicles over 40 years old will now be exempt from needing an MOT.

·        Motorway misuse fines

With the increase of ‘smart motorways’ and the use of the hard shoulder in busy times drivers are also taking it upon themselves to ‘misuse’ the hard shoulder using it in non busy times when indicated closed (with the red X). Previously motorists have received warning letters of the cameras caught them using the hard shoulder but from now onwards they will be punished with a £100 fine and three penalty points on their license.

·        Learner drivers – ON the motorway

As from June you will see L Plates on the motorway. Learner drivers accompanied by driving instructors with full dual control cars will now be allowed on the motorways as part of their lessons in order to better prepare them for once they’ve passed.

·        New drivers – OFF the roads after dark

A quarter of car accidents which lead to death or injury occur from drivers between 17 and 24 and more than 40 percent of all fatal car accidents occur at night. With these startling figures it is now wonder that leaders are pushing to bring in new legislation banning young people and new drivers from driving at night.

·        Digital driving licences

The DVLA are finalising the details to roll out the digital driving licence meaning drivers could soon never be without their licence with a version on every smart phone. The plans are to have this as well and not instead of the photo cards.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that www.­MotorNuts.­co.­uk has thousands of car parts and accessories available whatever your motoring needs – we are THE Nuts when it comes to motoring!   


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What's YOUR Tyre Size? Find out NOW!

Knowing the tyre size of your vehicle is handy, and when it comes to buying the right space saver it's essential. Some people think the wheel size is what matters but it's the tyre size that we need to work out the correct space saver for your vehicle. 

So first up, HOW to find it. Then, when you do, you need to be able to understand it! It's not as complex as it sounds and here is the Motornuts guide to getting it right..

You may have never even looked properly at your tyres; most people think that as long as they're not flat or bald then everything's fine. A closer look will reveal your tyre size as it's usually printed right there on the side. To the uninitiated, it looks like a tangled jumble of figures but everything has a specific meaning.

As an example, let's say you look for your vehicle's tyre size and see something like this: 205/­55/­R16/­91/­V. Here's how it breaks down:

  • The first number (205 in this example) is the width of the tyre in millimetres 
  • The next number refers to the height of the tyre's sidewall, expressed as a percentage of the width. This number is also known as the 'aspect ratio' or 'tyre profile'. Lower profiles give greater control and handling but can mean a harder ride. If going to a lower profile with the same size tyres, speedometer readings will be affected and it is important to rectify this problem
  • The next figure is preceded by the letter 'R', which stands for rim. The number itself refers to the diameter of the tyre's inner rim, expressed in inches
  • Following this is another number (in this case 91) which refers to the load rating of the tyre
  • The final letter represents the speed rating, which is the maximum speed recommended for the tyre at full load. The lettering system is somewhat bizarre and comprises, in order; N, P, Q, R, S, T, U, H, V, Z, W, Y. The higher up in this list indicates a higher maximum speed.

The space saver wheels we sell from RoadHero solve a genuine problem with as many as two thirds of new cars not coming with spare wheels or space savers but repair kits instead and we find that most drivers prefer the peace of mind of having a traditional spare.

The RoadHero kits are specific to different vehicles make, model and year. If you cannot find your vehicle in our listings please contact our team for help.

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Nuts about new cars for 2018

MotorNuts are Nuts about cars – especially exciting new ones, so we are taking a look at what’s in store for 2018.

1)    Super SUVs  

The influx of super SUVs continues with facelifts from Land Rover Discovery SVX and Nissan Juke and new models from most of the big players including a Volkswagen T-Cross, Mercedes GLE 4x4, Citroen C5 Aircross and Jaguar I-Pace.

2)     Budget Buster

 Sticking with the SUVs, set to shake up the market for a second time is the budget busting new Dacia Duster.

3)     BMW boom

BMW has an exciting line up for the year including the new z4 which is looking particularly menacing and a highly anticipated facelift for the much loved 3 series as well as the launches of the X7, X4 X2, i8 and 8 series.

4)     Awesome Audis

Awesome new Audis due out this year include the compact SQ2, the sizeable Q8 and the new electric e-Tron as well as facelifts for the Q3, A1 and A6.

5)     Face lifts for Fords

Ford have facelifts for their favourites Focus and Fiesta as well as their SUV Eco Sport plus we love a Mustang, and there’s an even better beastier looking one of those on the way too. 

6)     Super duper super cars 

Super new super cars from the fastest SUV the Lamborghini Urus to face lifts for favourites the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster, Aston Martin Vantage,Ferrari Portofino and a re-launch for the TVR Griffith

Also due out in 2018 are:

Alfa Romeo ‘5 Series’ rival

Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio

Alpine A110

Bentley Flying Spur

Citroen C5 Aircross

DS 7 Crossback

Honda CR-V Hybrid

Hyundai i30 Fastback

Hyundai NEXO

Infiniti QX50

Jeep Wrangler

Kia Cee’d

Kia Sorento

Lexus LS

Mercedes A-Class

Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes CLS

Mercedes GLE

Mercedes AMG GT four-door coupe

Nissan Leaf

Peugeot 508

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Macan

Range Rover PHEV

Renault Alaskan

Renault Megane RS

SEAT large SUV

SEAT Ateca Cupra

Subaru Impreza

Suzuki Swift Sport

Toyota Land Cruiser

Vauxhall Insignia GSi

Volkswagen up! GTI

Volvo XC40

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Top Ten Products for Caravan Season

The new caravanning season is nearly here so now is the time to gear up for a fun, smooth sailing run of caravan holidays. Before you get too excited and go dashing off, it's essential that you've got everything you need to make your break safe and successful.

The team at Motornuts have pulled together our guide to the top ten products and accessories that will make sure your holiday is memorable for all the right reasons.

caravan on tow

  1. Sanitation. Keeping your toilet facilities clean is up there as an essential in order to avoid them becoming a health hazard. We have a vast range of products in stock that will keep your facilities (and the rest of your caravan!) smelling nice and fresh, including the Elsan Blue and Pink toilet fluid twin pack. Together, the products kill all germs and bacteria as well as preventing algae buildup.
  2. Tyre Pressure Gauges. You don't want anything slowing you down so make sure that your tyres are properly pumped with one of our range of pressure gauges.
  3. Tyre Inflators. If your tyre pressure is too low, especially once the car and caravan are fully loaded - simply inflate to the correct pressure with a handy inflator
  4. Lighting. Being safe means being seen and we have a wide selection of lights for both inside and out; from awning lights to torches and bulbs for all lights.
  5. Power supplies and leads. Whether gas, electric or solar, this section contains all the accessories you're likely to need.
  6. Tools. As an essential to have on board the 30-piece KAMASA tool kit comes highly recommended. It contains a mains voltage tester, combination pliers, water pump pliers, magnetic bit driver, D socket adaptor, 6 screwdrivers and 19 screwdriver bits.+
  7. First Aid. Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time so it's important to be prepared, particularly as you may be at some distance from medical facilities. Our vast range of first aid products is designed to cover all eventualities.
  8. Battery chargers and testers. Keep the power flowing with our choice selection of chargers and testers, all designed to give the fastest response.
  9. Security. The last thing you want is for your holiday to come to an abrupt end because your caravan has been stolen so be sure to protect it properly with a wheel clamp, hitch lock or tracker.
  10. Accessories. To complete your caravan experience we have all the accessories you could need, from jockey wheels to caravan covers, storage bags, towing mirrors/­stabilisers/­accessories and caravan steps.

Enjoy browsing the full range and order today for fast delivery. Happy holidays!

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