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Oils & Fluids

At MotorNuts we are Nuts about Engine Oil, Motorcycle Oil, Transmission Oil and Lubricants. When it comes to your car staying on top of the oils and lubricants is just about the most important thing you can do. They can be easily checked and maintained yourself and will help avoid a long list of costly repairs. Read more

Our expert MotorNuts recommend that you should check your engine oil, antifreeze and brake fluids once a month and always before a long journey.

Starting with engine oil - choosing which oil may seem confusing - is it fully synthetic, semi synthetic, and then there is lots of numbers (viscosity’s) to choose.

Don't go Nuts...the starting point is sorted for you, simply enter your vehicle registration in our look up and that will narrow the search to what is recommended for your vehicle, alternatively this information is also in your manual or handbook.

Next up is your transmission oil or gear box oil, it is the lesser known sibling of engine oil however equally important for gearbox and axle longevity. Most manufacturers recommend changing the transmission oil between every 30,000 and 60,000 miles.

Engine Oil, Motorcycle Oil, Transmission Oil, Classic car oilsAntifreeze and coolants are next. These are essential to maintaining the engine temperature so it doesn’t get too hot or too cold and so is especially important to keep on top of in winter.

The final under the bonnet check is brake fluids and power steering fluids, essential for obvious reasons and easily checked and topped up.

The MotorNuts team also recommend treatments and additives as they can fix a variety of engine troubles and help avoid costly repairs.

By simply adding them to your fuel they can work through your engine to clean build ups and maintain performance as well as maximising fuel economy and reducing emissions – we especially recommend running them through before your car goes for its MOT.