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Bulbs & Lighting

It’s easy to forget about car lighting but it’s also vital to have them all working correctly, and the law..and as such our range of bulbs is Nuts! Read more


We would recommend checking all your lights every week or so – in some European countries it is a legal requirement to carry spare bulbs and its certainly not a bad idea...although MotorNuts can help you out with quick easy replacements!

A handy tip from the MotorNuts team if you haven’t got someone to help you check all your bulbs; headlights, dip and main beam, sidelightsindicator, brake, tail, reverse, number plate and fog lights - is to park in front of windows at night.

As well as lights out or blown bulbs look for cracks or dirt on the lenses obscuring the beams or dimming the light. If a light isn’t working make sure it’s not just a loose connection before replacing the bulb.  

By law your headlights, brake lights and taillights all need to be in full working order otherwise the car can be deemed to be illegal and you will be pulled and penalised by police.

As well as traditional bulbs we also have the LED Bulbs and HID Xenon performance upgrades for drivers who like the sporty appearance; they look great with their bright whiteness and more importantly give 20% more light so are safer and easier for drivers.