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Wheel Clamps

Make sure your vehicle is super secure with one of our insurance approved wheel clamps from big brands Maypole, Bulldog and Stronghold.
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Stronghold ‘Atlas’ Caravan Wheel Clamp

Product code: sh5438
‘Atlas’ caravan wheel clamp
  • £89.99

Stronghold ‘Alloy’ Wheel Clamp

Product code: sh5436
Alloy wheel clamp
  • £88.99

Maypole Universal Wheel Clamp

Product code: mp9075
Universal wheel clamp
  • £25.99

Stronghold Triangular Wheel Clamp 8"-10"

Product code: sh5433
8-10 inch wheel clamp, fits tyre widths 100-175mm.
  • £74.99

Stronghold Triangular Wheel Clamp 10"-14"

Product code: sh5434
Triangular wheel clamps 10"-14", Fits tyre widths from 155-205mm

Stronghold Triangular Wheel Clamp 14"-16"

Product code: sh5435
Triangular wheel clamp 14"-16", Fits tyre widths 185-250mm
  • £124.99

Maypole 13"-17" Universal Wheel Clamp

Product code: mp9065
13"-17" universal wheel clamp
  • £35.99

Maypole 10"-16" Heavy Duty Wheel Clamp

Product code: mp909
10"-16" heavy duty wheel clamp
  • £55.99

Bulldog SW195/F Titan Wheel Clamp For Caravans With Low Wheel Arch 13" 14" & 15" Wheels

Product code: SW195/F
Suitable For Caravans With Low Wheel Arch 13" 14" & 15" Wheels
  • £169.99

Bulldog 230/F Titan Wheel Clamp 14" & 15" Wheels - Caravans - Cars & Trailers

Product code: 230/F
Suitable For Cars - Caravans - Motorhomes & Trailers Fitted With 195 & 205 Width Tyres On 14" & 15" Wheels. (with inset wheel, flat trim or alloy wheels).
  • £169.99

Bulldog QD22 Wheel Clamp For 13" Wheels With No Wheel Trim

Product code: QD22
For 13" wheels with no trim, tyre size 165/13R.
  • £139.99

Bulldog QD44 Wheel Clamp - Cars -Caravans & Trailers

Product code: QD44
Suitable for Cars, Trailers & Caravans - Alloy & steel wheels 165, 175, & 185 R14 - 195/70/R14 - 195/70/R15 - 205/65/R15
  • £139.99

Bulldog EM500SS - Wheel Clamp - Cars, Caravans & Trailers

Product code: EM500SS
Bulldog EM500SS suitable for Cars, Caravans, Trailers and Motorcycles.
Fits in seconds without the use of a key. Fits tyre widths up to 220mm.
  • £109.99

Bulldog Wheel Clamps EM4x4SS- Cars - Vans & 4x4

Product code: EM4X4SS
Adjustable Easy to fit wheel clamp for 4x4s and vans, will fit all tyre widths up to a maximum of 280mm.
  • £119.99

Bulldog CA2000 Centaur Adjustable Wheel Clamp - Cars - Vans & Motorhomes & Trailers

Product code: CA2000
Suitable For Cars, Caravans, Trailers & Motorhomes - Diameter 545mm - 640mm & Tyre Width 140mm - 220mm (including wheel trim).
  • £229.99

Bulldog CC100 Autoclamp Adjustable Wheel Clamp - Caravans & Cars

Product code: CC100
Suitable For Caravans & Cars - To Fit Tyre Widths of 155mm To 215mm And Tyre Diameters of 480mm To 640mm.
  • £130.00

When looking at which wheel clamps you need the first option to consider is size.

Check the size of your wheel and tyre - this information is printed on your tyre side.

There are also other factors to consider; some locks are for use on tyres with or without a wheel trim, and the level of security and whether they are insurance approved.

MotorNuts have a range of wheel clamps in stock from tried and tested brands Maypole, Stronghold and Bulldog.