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Winter Driving Essentials

Who loves winter driving? Hands up, not too many of you then. 

MotorNuts is here to help you through these tougher driving months. Getting you and your car ready to cope with winter driving conditions.

Winter is nearly upon us and the weather forecast is for a cold snap very soon stay warm and stay safe. 


We have all the essentials that you will need to support you like Wind Screen wash additive, both concentrate and pre mixed. Remember to check your Antifreeze and coolant mix, and don’t forget the Windscreen De-icer

We also stock the ice scrapers, demister cloths, hi vis safety jackets, snow clearing items like snow shovels and brushes. Not forgetting snow and ice melt products for your drive and footpaths.

We also stock quality tyre snow socks from Michelin and snow chains from Huskey so you can get through your journey with the minimum of fuss.

If you do have to travel in bad winter conditions make sure that you look after yourself and your passengers.

It's a good idea to carry a few items that we recommend. 

Spare socks, warm jumpers and coats

Boots or Wellingtons

Drinking water and high energy snacks like muesli bars or flapjacks just in case you do get stuck.

A flask with a hot drink

And keep your fuel tank topped up as much as practical

One last thing; Please don’t be tempted to de-ice your windscreen with boiling water from the kettle. If there is a slight chip in the windscreen you could end up paying for a new screen costing £100's