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Diesel Treatments & Additives

Using specialist diesel fuel treatments and additives will ensure optimum performance and maintenance for your diesel engine and will fix a range of problems and turn off engine management lights. Read more

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MPEX DPF Regeneration Aid-Cleaner

Product code: MPEXDR
MPEX DPF Regenerate ensures complete and rapid diesel particulate filter regeneration. Reduces ignition temperature of trapped soot ensuring extraordinary combustion at temperatures typically encountered during normal engine operation. Prevents performanc
  • £8.99

MPEX Diesel Injector Cleaner

Product code: MPEXDIC
MPEX Diesel Injector Cleaner removes carbon deposits from injectors and prevents needles from seizing. Reduces corrosion and wear. Improves combustion with effective cleaning agents and a strong cetane improver. Decreases operational cost by lowering fuel
  • £7.00

MPEX Catalytic Converter Cleaner

Product code: MPEXCCC
MPEX Catalytic Converter Cleaner cleans the entire fuel system, injectors, valves and pistons. Addresses and minimalises deposit build-up and malfunctioning of the catalytic converter. Prevents expensive repairs to the catalytic converter. Improves combus
  • £7.99

MPEX Diesel Stop Smoke

Product code: MPEXDSS
MPEX Diesel Stop Smoke reduces smoke and emission of hazardous exhaust gases from diesel engines. Optimises fuel combustion. Cleans the fuel system and protects it from corrosion. MPEX® Diesel Stop Smoke For all diesel engines (incl. common rail)
  • £7.00

MPEX Diesel Detox Pro Premium

Product code: MPEXDDP
MPEX Diesel Detox Pro is a multipurpose product that addresses all common deposit related problems. Regains performance loss caused by a dirty and inefficient fuel system. Reduces fuel consumption related to a dirty fuel system or badly functioning DPF. P
  • £10.00

Millers Oils Diesel Power EcoMax

Product code: 6204
High specification diesel fuel treatment for enhanced combustion efficiency and engine cleanliness, with improved detergency and lubricity enhancers.
  • £16.99

Millers Oils Diesel Power EcoMax One Shot Boost - 250ml

Product code: 6206
High specification diesel fuel treatment for enhanced combustion efficiency and engine cleanliness, with improved detergency and lubricity enhancers.

Millers Diesel Injector Cleaner - 250ML

Product code: 7627
Maximum strength, highly concentrated cleaning agent developed to remove deposits from diesel fuel injection systems.
  • £8.95

Millers Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner and Regenerator - 250ML

Product code: 7795
A one shot diesel additive designed to clean Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) reducing the regeneration temperature required to allow the trapped soot particles to be burnt off. Ensures a cleaner more efficient DPF.
  • £10.00

Forte DPF Cleaner and Regenerator

Product code: 40410
Forté Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner and Regenerator has been specifically formulated to combat the adverse effects that start/stop driving conditions have on Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration
  • £14.95

Forte Diesel System Cleaning Kit Triple Pack

Product code: 44910TP
Forte Diesel System Cleaning Kit
1 x DPF Cleaner & Regenerator
1 x Diesel Turbo Cleaner
1 x Diesel Specialist Injector Cleaner

Forte Diesel System Treatment Kit Triple pack

Product code: 44910TP
Forte Complete Diesel Treatment Triple pack.
1 x DPF Cleaner & Regenerator.
1 x Diesel Turbo Cleaner.
1 x Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment.
  • £35.90

Forte DPF & Turbo Cleaner Twin Pack

Product code: 44910TP
Triple pack

COMMA Diesel Magic Additive - 400ml

Product code: DIM400M
Concentrated diesel additive rapidly removes harmful deposits
  • £9.05

REDEX Redex Diesel Treatment - 250ml with 100% Extra Free

Product code: RADD2201A
Keeps injectors clean
  • £9.77

If you own a diesel car you will have almost certainly seen the DPF light come on - this can often be easily fixed with a DPF cleaner and regenerator treatment which ultimately clears soot build up internally in turn reduces emissions and black sooty smoke.

If you have a turbo diesel then the Diesel Turbo Cleaner is the perfect treatment – the engine management light can flick on and performance can be reduced by build ups accumulating in the turbo and these will be cleared by one bottle of this treatment.

Forté Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment and Wynns Xtreme Diesel system clean both clean and lubricate throughout, improving overall engine power and efficiency and helping to reduce potential down time and costly component replacement.

Our team of MotorNuts recommend using these treatments as much as a preventative rather than just as a cure for a specific problem, think of it as like giving your car a detox or a 5-a day vitamin boost!