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Performance Engine Oils

MotorNuts LOVE the new and improved next generation of competition racing oils incorporating Millers multi award winning NANODRIVE ultra low friction technology across the whole range.

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Millers CFS 0w20 NT+ Fully Synthetic Engine Oil - 5 Litres

Product code: 7961GMS
Millers CFS 0w20 NT+ Is fully synthetic Triple Ester Nano Technology Oil - lower viscosity, high antiwear charac­te­ristics; specifically formulated for qualifying and shorter duration events.
  • £70.00

Millers CFS 0w30 NT+ Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Product code: 7962JMP
Millers CFS 0w30 NT+ is fully Synthetic Triple Ester Nano Technology Formulation. For modern competition engines where maximum power release and ultra low friction are required.
  • £16.99

Millers CFS 5W40 NT+ Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Product code: 7963JMP
Specifically developed for use in fast road, race, rally, sprints and hill climbs and ideally suited for engines with hydraulic tappets such as Ford Zetec.
  • £13.99

Millers CFS 10w50 NT+ Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Product code: 7964JMP
Millers CFS 10w50 NT+ Fully Synthetic Engine Oil is designed for race and rally engines, and especially suited to modified, high performance vehicles with or without turbochargers, for fast and track day use.
  • £16.00

Millers CFS 10W60 NT+ Fully Synthetic Engine Oil

Product code: 7965JMP
Especially suited to vehicles that are subject to severe high stress conditions and highly beneficial to high revving engines.
  • £16.00

Millers Motorsport division is dedicated is to producing its highly innovative engine oil products such as the latest CFS 5w40 NT+ Nano technology which offer outstanding friction reduction properties.

Including Millers CFS 5w40NT+, Millers CFS10w50NT+ & Millers CFS 10w60NT+ the new portfolio from Millers offers two levels of performance characteristics which both deliver significantly improved levels of performance and markedly enhanced friction reduction properties over and above the competition and their own market leading motorsport ranges.

Millers have always been pioneers, their 'NanoDrive' low friction technology completely redefined performance for advanced lubricants in motorsport and performance vehicles.

There is something in the Millers range for all vehicles, engines and uses - CSS competition semi synthetic and CFS competition fully synthetic variants - please contact our technical team if you need advice.