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FAQs for Road Hero Space Saver wheels

Q - My car wheels are 19 inches but the spare wheel listed for my car says 18inches – is this right?

A - Yes – space savers can be slightly smaller than your usual wheel size

Q - How do I fit the space saver wheel?

A - The Road Hero spare wheel comes with the required tools for fitting – a jack and wheel brace and its all stored in a handy bag perfect to pop straight into your boot or boot well

Q - Are space saver spare wheels safe?

A - Space saver spare wheels are designed to be a temporary solution to get you safely to a garage to get your tyre fixed or replaced – they carry a speed limit of 50mph

Q - Will this space saver fit in my boot well?

A - In most instances there is a storage spot for a wheel under the boot floor, typically this may be filled with padding or used to store tyre foam etc. We cannot guarantee this as after market speakers etc can be added filling the space, best to check yourself first.

Q - When should I use my space saver wheel?

A - If you get a puncture or blow out then change to your space saver wheel and tyre until you get to a garage to get the original wheel fixed or replaced.


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