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Breakdown & Emergency Products: The MotorNuts Collection

Nobody likes to think about having their vehicle breakdown but it's an essential consideration to make as it happens to the best of vehicles! The old adage about hoping for the best but preparing for the worst definitely applies and, here at MotorNuts, we stock a comprehensive collection of products designed to get you back on the road in no time. Here is a small selection...

POLCO Trolley JackDRAPER Fuel Syphon PumpMAYPOLE Battery Charger

POLCO Trolley Jack

Suitable for most vehicles from a standard car to a light van or 4X4, the POLCO Trolley Jack is a versatile, reliable product. The jack is manufactured from heavy gauge steel to ensure total robustness and is mounted on rugged cast iron wheels for easy maneuvering. Lifting any vehicle is guaranteed to be a smooth, easy operation, thanks to an intelligent hydraulic system, rotational saddle and cushioned grip lifting handle. Both CE and TUV approved, the POLCO Trolley Jack is super-safe to use and features an automatic safety overload valve for added protection.

DRAPER Fuel Syphon Pump

Every driver knows about the nifty trick of jump-starting, but what if it's not electrical power you need? The Draper Fuel Syphon Pump is suitable for simply and safely transferring diesel, petrol, water and inert liquids from vehicle to vehicle and is easily operated by hand. A one-way valve teams with barbed connectors on each end of the syphon bulb and two long, flexible pipes are included with the kit.

MAYPOLE Battery Charger

It is when there no other vehicle immediately available from which to get a jump start that the MAYPOLE Battery Charger comes into its own. The handy charger has an output of 24A and a battery capacity of 10Ah-250AH, making it ideal for most vehicles, including start/stop vehicles. Automatic multi stage charging is fast and reliable and the charger is supplied in its own tough, compact case with integral handle.

These items can be found in the 'Breakdown & Emergency' section of the MotorNuts website, which also includes space saver wheels, warning triangles, fire extinguishers, first-aid kits, hi-vis clothing, jump leads and much more. Discover you options today and look forward to a safer tomorrow!

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RoadHero: The Space-Saving Spare Wheel

At least once in every driver's lifetime, the dreaded punctured tyre (or, even worse, a blowout) is going to happen and so it's essential to be prepared for this eventuality. Well over half of new vehicles are not supplied with a spare wheel: once considered essential, this is instead 'replaced' with foam sealant or tyre slime. These products are as good as useless when it comes to blowouts or large punctures.

There really is no replacement for a spare wheel but the difficulties encountered with installing them, coupled with their unwieldy size, mean that many people simply choose to risk travelling without one. But there is a solution: the RoadHero Space Saver Wheel.

RoadHero Space Saver Wheels, which are available from here at MotorNuts for most of the major makes and models of vehicle, are designed to fit neatly into the storage space beneath the boot floor. They are designed to provide a reliable temporary solution to a damaged tyre: as long as you drive below the RoadHero limit of 50mph, the space saver wheel will allow you to continue driving to a garage, where your original wheel can be replaced.

Each RoadHero Space Saver Wheel supplied by MotorNuts comes complete with a jack and wheel brace designed to make fitting the wheel quick and easy. Both the wheel and these accessories are supplied in a handy storage bag for your convenience.

Owners agree that the RoadHero Space Saver Wheels represent unmatched peace-of-mind when driving, particularly over long distances. As with our entire product portfolio, MotorNuts supply this crucial item at the most competitive price: one small investment could save you plenty of time, worry and money in the long run.

Our expert team may still be able to source a suitable Space Saver Wheel if you find tthat your vehicle is not listed on our website. Simply get in touch with us and we'll do our best to sort you out. If you have any questions about this product, check out the list of FAQs that we have put together.

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Vehicle Seat Covers: Protection with Style

How a car looks on the outside is a big part of the decision whether to buy it or not. Everything from major aesthetic considerations like body shape and paint job to seemingly trivial details like the wheel trims and style of door handles has an impact. The interior is just as important, particularly the visual appeal of the seats.

Car seats, like anything made using fabric, are particularly susceptible to becoming dirty and suffering the negative effects of general wear and tear.  A quick, easy and cost-effective way to eliminate these potential problems, while still ensuring your vehicle's interior retains that aesthetically pleasing look, is with seat covers.

That's where MotorNuts, your one-stop online shop for all things vehicular, come into the picture. One of our most consistently popular product lines is vehicle seat covers, manufactured by the respected and renowned Town and Country company, which has been successfully trading for over 30 years. Whatever type of vehicle you own, from a mini to an HGV and everything in between, we can supply high-quality seat covers to suit.

The range of seat covers available from MotorNuts is truly comprehensive. Many are tailor made to suit particular makes and models of car: just enter your vehicle details on our website to quickly find out if there is a specific set of seat covers available. If not, then never fear: there are plenty of universal options available too.

Discover your options on our website and get in touch with our team for further information. Want to receive news, features, updates, special offers and more direct to your email inbox? Simply subscribe to our newsletter!

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Business Buys: Be Safe on Site

On the MotorNuts website, we have a dedicated section which lists the products we have available that are designed for commercial and industrial use. The 'Business Buys' section is divided into a number of sub-sections for your convenience and here we look at some of the items available from the 'Site Safety' collection.

Safety is the number one priority in the workplace and making every area of a site as safe as possible is crucial. All of the products sold at MotorNuts, including all of our Business Buys, are guaranteed to meet all relevant health, safety and quality specifications, as well as being sold at a competitive price.


ANAF ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher with Gauge

Available in 1, 4, 6 or 9kg sizes, our ANAF ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers are multi-purpose, designed to be used on fires of class A, B and C as well as on live electrical equipment up to 1000v. The extinguishers will operate at extreme temperatures from -30 to +60 degrees celsius, are manufactured in accordance to UK and European requirements and carry CE marking for full peace of mind.

Evolution First Aid Kits

Available in small, medium and large formats to suit any workplace, Evolution first aid kits provide a comprehensive first aid point that is fully-stocked to make it BS compliant. Photolu­min­escent signage ensures high visibility and these kits also feature an emergency eyewash kit complete with stabilising bottle retainer. The kit includes guidance leaflet, assorted dressings, plasters and bandages, sterile wipes, microporous tape, foil blanket, clothing cutters, face shield and nitrile gloves.

Slip Prevention

Every winter, there seems to be a shortage of ice-melting grit so now is the perfect time to stock up. Available singly or on pallets containing 15, 30 or 60 bags, Rapid Ice Melt Grit is designed to melt ice and snow on contact as well as preventing refreezing.

There are many more items available in the 'Business Buys' section of the MotorNuts website so browse now and make big savings!

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Millers Oils: Improve YOUR Vehicle's Performance Today

MotorNuts is a proud supplier of vehicle oils and fluids manufactured by Millers Oils, a brand with well over a century of heritage. Founded in 1887 and still a local employer to this day, Millers was the  first producer of long drain interval oil for trucks and also produced the first diesel specific engine oil for cars.

One of the bestselling products in the range is CVL Turbo, designed to enhance vehicle performance by adding up to 40 octane points to base fuel. The deterioration of pump fuel is leading to more and more engine builders using CVL Turbo from Millers Oils, brought to you by MotorNuts.

CVL Turbo has been shown to provide similar flame front control as, which enables engines to run more advanced ignition timing, without any danger of detonation or pre-ignition. It can be successfully mixed with all types of fuel including leaded, unleaded, LRP; it can also be used with other fuels containing octane enhancing additives, including MTBE, ethanol and oxygenates but for maximum effect should be used in conjunction with premium, higher octane unleaded fuel.

Effective in engines fitted with catalytic convertors and knock sensors, Millers Oils CVL Turbo is sold by MotorNuts in economical 500ml packs at a highly competitive price. CVL Turbo is just one of the many Millers Oils products available from our website and we invite you to browse the whole collection. Look forward to better vehicle performance when you buy Millers Oils from MotorNuts!

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New Product Range: Introducing Dinitrol

MotorNuts is an official supplier of products from a diverse range of companies, each of which have a proven track record of producing reliable items of professional quality. We are proud to announce that our product portfolio has been significantly extended with a range of items from globally-renowned brand Dinitrol, which has a TrustPilot rating of five out of five stars.

Dinitrol was established in Germany in 1937. In the eight decades since the company was launched, it has grown to become a world-leading manufacturer of OEM-approved products, relying on a carefully-selected network of suppliers to retail its goods. Dinitrol produces specialised systems for corrosion protection, vehicle glass bonding, structural bonding and sealing, vehicle body repair and sound and vibration damping.

High and continually increasing demand for Dinitrol products has seen the company grow exponentially; the product range is now available in more than 50 countries around the world. A program of dedicated reinvestment ensures that Dinitrol is always developing new and innovative products for the automotive sector, maintaining and building upon the company's impressive reputation for excellence.

Before MotorNuts agree to become official suppliers of any brand, we take care to ensure that the brand is respected, reputable and reliable. Thorough research into Dinitrol has proved the brand to be all three of these things and we look forward to supplying Dinitrol Products.

For more news and updates about Dinitrol products available at MotorNuts, along with lots of other features, sign up for our newsletter.

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Colour Matched Paints: Find YOUR Unique Code

Getting exactly the right shade of exterior vehicle paint is essential to ensure invisible repairs. MotorNuts have teamed up with highly-renowned paint manufacturer MPEX to bring you colour-matched paints in over 77,000 different shades, encompassing RAL, Pantone and BS options.

Every vehicle has a paint colour code or paint name, which allows us to exactly match the required colour. For most vehicles, simply entering your registration number on our website should be enough for us to locate this code but some vehicle makes and models you may have to find it manually: here we tell you how to do just that.

Firstly, you need to find the information sticker/plate on your vehicle: most cars produced since the 1980s have a sticker/plate to identify information about the vehicle. The sticker/plate will list things like the make of car, the date and country of manufacture and that all-important colour code.Common locations for the sticker/plate are inside of the drivers or passenger door, or under the bonnet . The VAG group vehicles VW, Audi, Seat and Skoda can be found in the boot under the carpet on a white sticker. Once you have located this sticker/plate, look for the colour code. Many stickers will use the words 'paint' or 'colour' but on some models will be abbreviated to C. If your vehicle has trim of a different colour, this will be represented by the abbreviation Tr and will have a different code from that of the main bodywork. The number of letters and/or numbers in the specific colour codes will vary between manufacturers.

Colour-matched paints are available as an aerosol, touch up pot or high-precision touch up pen. Find out more details on the product page and look forward to a smooth, professional paint finish for YOUR vehicle with MotorNuts!!

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British Grand Prix: The Results are IN

A massive crowd of well over 140,000 people at Silverstone was delighted to see Lewis Hamilton, five-time winner of the British Grand Prix, storm into first place for a record sixth time. The win is Hamilton's seventh from a total of 10 rounds, puts him a full 39 points clear from his closest competitor Valtteri Bottas in the championship standings and takes him one step closer to his sixth world title.

British Grand Prix: The Results are IN

Hamilton took advantage of a safety car to jump ahead of  Bottas, his Mercedes teammate, in the nailbiting race. His final lap was nothing short of sensational: he achieved a new track record and scored a bonus point for the achievement.

Hotly-tipped Charles Leclerc, driving for Ferrari, ended up finishing third after incurring a 10-second penalty for causing a collision between Sebastian Vettel and Max Verstappen. Vettel crashed into the back of Verstappen, sustaining damage that caused him to drop all the way back to 16th place: Verstappen himself managed to finish in fifth.

Another British driver, George Russel, also enjoyed success at the British Grand Prix. Although he finished in 14th place, this was a career best for the novice driver. Lando Norris, also from the UK, was less successful, crossing the line in a disappointing 11th place on this, his maiden home event.

The prestigious Grand Prix event is extra exciting when it’s on home turf and a highlight for anyone with a passion for cars Though, for almost everyone, competing in such a race is only a dream, we all love and respect our own vehicles just as much as the Formula 1 drivers. That's why we want to keep them in perfect shape, inside and out.

To help you achieve this perfection, we supply the most comprehensive collection of car parts, accessories, tools, oils, treatments, additives and more. Enter your reg NOW and find out what's on offer for YOUR vehicle or check out our list to find your favourite brands.

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Seat Covers: Protect and Preserve

The aesthetically-pleasing exterior appearance of a vehicle is a major factor influencing purchasing decisions and is something that most vehicle owners care passionately about, ensuring that it is always clean and becoming inconsolably upset at the merest hint of scratched paintwork. All too often, however, this level of care doesn't extend to the interior!

At MotorNuts, we love all kinds of vehicles and we want them to look as good on the inside as they do on the outside. That's why, along with a comprehensive collection of vehicle parts, we stock plenty of accessories designed to make car interiors look and feel great. One immensely popular product line we stock is seat covers, which offer robust protection to vehicle seats as well as potentially improving aesthetics.

Whether you own a small car, a giant van or anything in between, our collection of seat covers has something to suit your vehicle, like the from tailor-made to universal fit options which can accommodate airbags and headrests. Our leading seat cover brand is Town and Country, a company that has been successfully trading for over three decades; we are proud to number among their carefully-selected official suppliers.

Fabric vehicle seats are prone to all kinds of staining as well as the usual wear-and-tear. Installing seat covers gives robust, lasting protection against these issues and ensures your car seats have a long service life. You can enter your vehicle details on our website to find out if we have seat covers specific to your vehicle or check out our collection of universal seat covers to suit practically any car or van. The likes of 

Discover your options on our website and get in touch with our team for further information. Want to receive news, features, updates, special offers and more direct to your email inbox? Simply subscribe to our newsletter!

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Campervans: Facts, Figures and Fun!

The campervan, based on the Volkswagen Transporter, is perhaps the most iconic holiday vehicle. Just the sight of one of these classic vans brings to mind long, chilled-out roadtrips and gives everyone that holiday feeling! If you're planning a trip in one of these beauties, then get yourself in the mood with these fun facts...

  • Campervans have been in production for well over 60 years, with more than 10 MILLION of them rolling off the production line in this time
  • With an average length of 4.38m, these 10 million vehicles parked end to end would stretch a colossal 43,800,000 metres, which is enough to circle the globe 1.09 times
  • During the average campervan holiday of one week with two adults, more than 37 cups of tea will be drunk. This is based on research by the UK Tea Council that suggests the average adult drinks 2.85 cups of tea a day
  • Lidos are popular places to visit on a campervan holiday and the three most popular are Saltdean Lido in Bristol, Changford Swimming pool in Dartmoor and Ilkley Lido in West Yorkshire
  • The most popular UK destinations for campervan holidays are in Cornwall and Scotland, followed by Yorkshire, Devon and Cumbria
  • VW campervans are produced in a rainbow of colours, but which is the most popular? According to Danbury Motor Caravans, light blue is the most preferred with 19.1% of campervans produced in this colour. Closely following are sage (15.6%), black (9.4%) and red/burgundy (8.3%)
  • Plenty of celebrities are fans of the VW campervan, including Jamie Oliver, Richard Hammond, Martin Clunes, Robbie Williams and Jo Whiley
  • The UK weather is notoriously fickle and, even in summer, families may find themselves confined to their vans by rain. Board games are surprisingly popular, with chess and monopoly topping the list

Here at Motornuts, we've got everything you need to make sure your VW Transporter is in tip-top condition for your holiday. Check out our website to discover your options and prepare for the staycation of a lifetime!

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