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Car Care and Paints

MotorNuts are just Nuts about car care products.

The team at MotorNuts love a sparkling car inside and out and so our guys recommend a few basic rules to get the best out of your efforts when cleaning your car. Read more

Firstly start with the interior car care - take out the car mats and vacuum everywhere then carefully clean the seats with specialist leather or upholstery products. Never use domestic cleaning products as they can damage the materials.

Then turn your attention to the exterior car care and we’d start with the wheels, tyres and wheel arches. When cleaning the wheels use a brush designed for the job and make sure that you use non acid wheel cleaners, then for added sparkle use a vinyl cleaner on the plastic covers in the wheel arch.

Then for the rest of the body – start by rinsing the car and always start from the top and work down, you’ll need a sponge as well as cloths and applicators.

Next shampoo then rinse and dry - give the car a shine with wax and always finish with a chamois leather.

If you do find any chips or scuffs when cleaning your car we also have a selection of colour matched car paintsas well as primers and lacquersas well as a full range ofbody work repair products.