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RoadHero: The Space-Saving Spare Wheel

At least once in every driver's lifetime, the dreaded punctured tyre (or, even worse, a blowout) is going to happen and so it's essential to be prepared for this eventuality. Well over half of new vehicles are not supplied with a spare wheel: once considered essential, this is instead 'replaced' with foam sealant or tyre slime. These products are as good as useless when it comes to blowouts or large punctures.

There really is no replacement for a spare wheel but the difficulties encountered with installing them, coupled with their unwieldy size, mean that many people simply choose to risk travelling without one. But there is a solution: the RoadHero Space Saver Wheel.

RoadHero Space Saver Wheels, which are available from here at MotorNuts for most of the major makes and models of vehicle, are designed to fit neatly into the storage space beneath the boot floor. They are designed to provide a reliable temporary solution to a damaged tyre: as long as you drive below the RoadHero limit of 50mph, the space saver wheel will allow you to continue driving to a garage, where your original wheel can be replaced.

Each RoadHero Space Saver Wheel supplied by MotorNuts comes complete with a jack and wheel brace designed to make fitting the wheel quick and easy. Both the wheel and these accessories are supplied in a handy storage bag for your convenience.

Owners agree that the RoadHero Space Saver Wheels represent unmatched peace-of-mind when driving, particularly over long distances. As with our entire product portfolio, MotorNuts supply this crucial item at the most competitive price: one small investment could save you plenty of time, worry and money in the long run.

Our expert team may still be able to source a suitable Space Saver Wheel if you find tthat your vehicle is not listed on our website. Simply get in touch with us and we'll do our best to sort you out. If you have any questions about this product, check out the list of FAQs that we have put together.

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