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As thieves beat latest technology, car owners revert to traditional vehicle security methods

In the news car thefts are back up and by 30% as gangs have now worked out how to beat the technology.

With many ‘keyless’ vehicles signals can be traced and copied and vehicles stolen easily without a key.

As such vehicle owners are resorting to the traditional vehicle security devices such as steering locks or even wheel clamps and vehicle trackers, there are also a few top tips that are worth remembering to beat the car thieves.

  1. Lock, alarm, immobilise
    It may sound obvious but always make sure your vehicle is locked – its easy to leave it unlocked outside your house or whilst you pay for petrol, or walk away clicking the fob without checking if it’s worked.
  2. Steering lock
    The Disklok is a tried and tested old school but obvious deterrent.  It’s super visible (available in bright yellow or silver) and it takes longer for security experts (or would be thieves) to break in than its competition.
  3. Wheel clamps
    Ideal if your vehicle is staying put some any length of time, these high security, steel wheel clamps are another visible, tamper proof deterrent ideal for trailers, caravans or motor homes.
    Like the steering locks, these exceed security standards and are insurance approved.
  4. Vehicle tracker
    For added peace of mind vehicle trackers can be checked remotely at any time and will provide and alert and vital GPS information should it be taken.
  5. It’s still worth mentioning the long standing advice to park in trusted, well lit areas and not to leave any valuable on show.
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