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Caravan water and sanitation

Water and sanitation is not the most talked about topic in society, but for those on the open road and enjoying touring it is an essential part of modern caravanning and motorhome travel. Keeping your water and sanitation systems in good order and properly treated is essential for keeping your family safe from infections and ensuring safe drinking water. MotorNuts  supply all the water and sanitation products you will need on your travels, water and waste containers and caravan sanitation chemicals.

Most modern caravans and motorhomes will have a cassette toilet fitted and of course most camping and caravanning sites expect that touring caravans and motorhomes will be carrying some form of chemical toilet arrangement.

Some larger Motorhomes and new caravans may have non-chemical vacuum toilet system were waste is removed through vacuum pipes to a waste cassette which can be remote from the bathroom. There is also a non-chemical system which can be retro fitted called SOG, this uses a low power fan to produce negative pressure in the cassette which eliminates bathroom odours.

However, whether use chemical or non-chemical toilet systems they still need maintaining

MotorNuts can supply all those bits and pieces fittings and accessories to use on the water and waste systems plus lots of Bathroom and Toilet accessories including bathroom and toilet water pumps.

Maintaining the water systems within your caravan is so important to ensure a comfortable stay on any caravan or camp site and to prevent growth of bacteria and algae. Algae can only grow where there is sunlight so if you have clear water lines it might be a good idea to replace them with non-transparent pipes, fittings and accessories. Check the condition of the filler pipe and hoses that you carry with you these can be damaged by UV and may taint the water taste.

Remember to flush all of your pipe systems especially if the van is going into storage use bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar or a commercial flush chemical like Elsan fresh water tank clean.

If you’re just dusting off your caravan for the summer, it’s probably a good time to do a caravan maintenance check as well.