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Treatments & Additives

We are Nuts about engines and our range of treatments and additives are basically little bottles of wonder stuff to clean and treat your engine - fix problems, improve efficiency and maximise performance.

We have specialist treatments and additives for all types of problems from leading brands Wynns, Forte, Millers and K-Seal. Read more

Specialist treatments and additives for your car’s engine will clean and lubricate as well as maximising fuel efficiency, reducing emissions and increasing performance. Using the right treatment can also switch off engine management lights.

If you’ve got a diesel car DPF cleaner, injector cleaner and turbo cleaner are all must haves, they clear blockages, regenerate filters and crucially stop black smoke and lower emissions – all resulting in improved performance and efficiency.

 For petrol engines specifically the EGR cleaners, injector cleaners and clean burn are great solutions to common problems, including that ‘bad egg’ smell.

A treat for your gearbox includes special treats for your transmission, both automatic and manual as well as power steering and diff, just squirt the tubes into the boxes and away you go.

Burning too much oil, leaking oil - there is an oil treatment for you, as well as the popular oil flush additives to run through the system before an oil change.

We even have a special treats for classic cars with Millers Classic treatments and additives that combat ethanol corrosion, ethanol protection, lead replacement and octane improvement in these much loved old vehicles.  

Finally there are cleaners for air con systems and radiators as well as radiator and head gasket conditioning and repair treatments.

Using simple cost effective engine treatments and additives can improve performance, reduce emissions, increase efficiency, clean build ups and ultimately prevent engine mishaps and extend life span.