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Welcome the Newest Member of the Motornuts Family...

Everyone knows that a dog is for life and not just for Christmas - that’s why we are looking forward to a lasting professional relationship with the newest supplier we have teamed up with: Bulldog! With the snappy and succinct motto ‘Security Through Strength’, Bulldog takes on the strong, protective nature of its namesake to produce a superlative range of products designed to protect all kinds of vehicles. With the amount of vehicle thefts and damage going on, not to mention an awful lot of bad driving, isn’t it time YOU got a tough, reliable Bulldog in your life?

The History

Bulldog products started out in 1994 where some of the very best inventions are born: the garden shed. Ian Jordan was and is a big fan of that fascinating hobby of ‘tinkering’, finding out how stuff works by taking it apart and putting it together again, combining and recombining ideas to create something new and, just occasionally, coming up with a real winner. For Ian Jordan, this moment came when he constructed his first caravan stabiliser and decided that other caravanners would be interested in getting one for themselves.

The Present

Ian was right; other caravanners were most definitely interested in the product, which sold like the proverbial hot cakes. By skillfully managing the business, always taking a proactive approach to innovation, Ian and members of his family built a solid reputation which continues to grow today, 30 years after his product emerged from the garden shed. All of the materials used to create today’s wide range of Bulldog products are sourced in the UK and manufacturing takes place from the company’s premises in Much Wenlock, though the operation requires a much larger and more modern environment that a garden shed!

Bulldog Budget GA95 HitchllockBulldog QD44 Wheel Clamp Fits 14" And 15" WheelsBulldog BR10 Bradley Hitch Lock Suitable For Bradley Unbraked Hitch Heads Upto 2600kg.

The Products

As official, authorised dealer of Bulldog products, we are proud to bring you a full selection totalling 60 items. More detailed news and reviews of individual products in the range are to follow soon so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter for all the latest updates, ideas and info. Steering wheel locks, security posts, door locks, wheel clamps, caravan hitch locks and the stabiliser that started it all; you can find the entire complement right here, delivered with the gold standard customer service you’ve come to know and love from Motornuts.

Have a look at the new range of Bulldog products and enjoy the benefits of Strength Through Security.

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