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Cooling System & Air Con Additives

Whilst you’re giving your engine, fuels a detox and their 5-a day with our range of treatments and additives – don’t forget about your cooling systems. Read more

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Wynn's Aircon Cleaner

Product code: 38501
Wynn’s Airco-Pure is a bactericidal and fungicidal fluid for cleaning air conditioning systems
  • £7.99

WYNNS Cooling System Flush - 325ml

Product code: 45944A
Acid-free concentrated radiator cleaner
  • £12.29

WYNNS Extreme Cooling System Degreaser - 325ml

Product code: 25541
Removes oil and sludge caused by leaking heat exchanger or cylinder head gasket
  • £15.73

WYNNS Radiator Flush - 325ml

Product code: 56064
Powerful acid free radiator cleaner
  • £9.77

WYNNS Radiator Stop Leak - 325ml

Product code: 55864
Stops and prevents leaks in the radiator and cooling system
  • £10.26

K-seal Ultimate Head Gasket Repair

Product code: k3501
Fixes blown head gaskets, cracked heads and blocks. Also repairs porous blocks
Guaranteed to make a repair or your money back*
Mixes with all types of antifreeze and coolant so there’s no need to drain or flush the system before or after treatment. Yo

K-Seal Permanent Coolant Leak Repair

Product code: ks04
Rating: 3.2 of 5
K-Seal Permanent Coolant Leak Repair is specially formulated to permanently seal most cracks in the engine block and head.
  • £11.04

HOLTS Radweld Radiator Treatment - 250ml

Product code: RW2R
Permanently seals radiator/hose leaks
  • £5.36

HOLTS Speedflush Cooling System Cleaner - 250ml

Product code: RK1R
Prevents overheating
  • £5.86

Whether it be a head gasket or radiator leak, a simple bottle of our wonder stuff will sort the problem.

K-Seal is specially formulated to permanently seal cracks in the engine block and head gasket.

The Forte Radiator stop leak and cooling conditioner plugs hairline cracks and pinholes in the radiators and cooling systems preventing loss of coolants, as does the Wynns Radiator stop leak.

Again both Wynns and Forte have specially formulated flush treatments to clean the internals of the cooling systems of any build ups.