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Campervans: Facts, Figures and Fun!

The campervan, based on the Volkswagen Transporter, is perhaps the most iconic holiday vehicle. Just the sight of one of these classic vans brings to mind long, chilled-out roadtrips and gives everyone that holiday feeling! If you're planning a trip in one of these beauties, then get yourself in the mood with these fun facts...

  • Campervans have been in production for well over 60 years, with more than 10 MILLION of them rolling off the production line in this time
  • With an average length of 4.38m, these 10 million vehicles parked end to end would stretch a colossal 43,800,000 metres, which is enough to circle the globe 1.09 times
  • During the average campervan holiday of one week with two adults, more than 37 cups of tea will be drunk. This is based on research by the UK Tea Council that suggests the average adult drinks 2.85 cups of tea a day
  • Lidos are popular places to visit on a campervan holiday and the three most popular are Saltdean Lido in Bristol, Changford Swimming pool in Dartmoor and Ilkley Lido in West Yorkshire
  • The most popular UK destinations for campervan holidays are in Cornwall and Scotland, followed by Yorkshire, Devon and Cumbria
  • VW campervans are produced in a rainbow of colours, but which is the most popular? According to Danbury Motor Caravans, light blue is the most preferred with 19.1% of campervans produced in this colour. Closely following are sage (15.6%), black (9.4%) and red/burgundy (8.3%)
  • Plenty of celebrities are fans of the VW campervan, including Jamie Oliver, Richard Hammond, Martin Clunes, Robbie Williams and Jo Whiley
  • The UK weather is notoriously fickle and, even in summer, families may find themselves confined to their vans by rain. Board games are surprisingly popular, with chess and monopoly topping the list

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