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Tyre Valve Tools

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LASER Tyre Valve Tool - 3 Piece Set

Product code: 5540E
Tyre valve installer and remover
  • £21.07

LASER Tyre Valve Tool - Schrader Fitting Tool

Product code: 5224B
For the replacement and fitting of Schrader type tyre valves
  • £26.80

LASER Tyre Valve Tool - Valve Access Tool

Product code: 5736
Allows access to tyre valve on many motorcycles - particularly the rear wheel where the chain and guard restrict access
  • £25.93

LASER Tyre Valve Tool - Valve Maintenance Tool

Product code: 5436A
An old favourite, can be used to clean up the threads of a schrader valve body both internal and external as well as remove the valve core (vital for tyre changing) and clean up the valve core seat in the valve body (tapered screw cleaner)
  • £5.53

WOT-NOTS Tyre Valve Tool - Multi Use Tool

Product code: PWN177
Tyre valve tool multi use, can be used to unscrew inner valve
  • £5.29