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CONNECT Tinmans Solder Stick - 0.25kg

Product code: 34948
Tinman Solder Stick
  • £17.74

LASER Butane Soldering Iron

Product code: 5006C
Butane powered soldering iron with soldering tip
  • £30.55

LASER Gas Soldering Iron & Mini Torch

Product code: 6589
This kit has multiple uses including soldering heat shrink, butt connectors for hobbies and crafts
  • £42.92

LASER Gas Soldering Kit - 5 Piece

Product code: 2696B
Handy soldering kit complete with torch stand, blow torch attachment, soldering tip and solder
  • £42.10

LASER Gas Soldering Kit - 8 Piece

Product code: 3410B
This lightweight, precision Gas torch/soldering kit includes spare tips and solder and is refillable from a standard gas canister and is ideal for computer, in-car stereo systems/alarms etc
  • £56.15

LASER Gas Soldering Tool - Multi Purpose

Product code: 3753B
11 piece kit
  • £110.80

LASER Solder In A Tube Dispenser

Product code: 2297
A neat and handy tube dispenser holding solder for emergency repairs
  • £12.98

LASER Soldering Iron - 40W

Product code: 5640A
40W soldering iron with non slip handle
  • £18.72

LASER Soldering Iron - 60W

Product code: 4079B
Soldering iron 60W with standard BS plug
  • £26.35

PEARL Solder Wire - 16SWG 1.60 mm - 0.5Kg

Product code: PSOL01
500 Gram Reel
  • £41.36

PEARL Solder Wire - 18SWG 1.20 mm 500 grams

Product code: PSOL04
500 Gram Reel
  • £54.44