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Silkolene Classic 2T Pre Mix Oil

Product code: SLK264
Synthetic Ester SAE 40 2-Stroke and Rotary Engine Oil. A unique ashless synthetic blend for motocross, enduro, trials, classic and aviation 2T engines which require a tank mix oil. Also very suitable for motorcycle and aviation rotary motors. It is ideal
  • Was £52.00
  • Now £46.80
Save £5.20
Valid until 07/09/2019

Silkolene Comp 2 Synthetic Ester Based 2 Stroke Oil

Product code: comp2
Advanced low smoke, low ash formula reduces engine wear. Prevents piston seizure, ring sticking, plug fouling and exhaust port blockage.
  • Was £39.74
  • Now £35.77
Save £3.97
Valid until 07/09/2019

Silkolene Comp 4 10W-30 XP Synthetic Ester Engine Oil

Product code: comp410w30
Formulated to meet the needs of both air and water-cooled 4-stroke engines, Comp 4 10W-30 XP is the recommended SAE grade for many motorcycle manufacturers.
  • Was £40.00
  • Now £36.00
Save £4
Valid until 07/09/2019

Silkolene Pro Boost High Performance Octane Improver

Product code: proboost
A unique blend of synthetic low toxicity organic chemicals which reduce upper cylinder wear and burn cleanly without leaving deposits in the combustion chamber. Adding PRO BOOST to petrol will also have a ‘keep clean effect’ in both carburettor and inject
  • Was £16.25
  • Now £14.62
Save £1.63
Valid until 07/09/2019