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ROAR is an innovative new range of professional quality cleaning and detailing products.

The products were originally designed for the trade and perform to a much higher level than standard retail solutions.

The ROAR brand was conceived by a group of talented individuals with a combined total of over 30 years experience in car refinish, automotive and composite finishing industries.

ROAR has brought a premium range of professional polishes, compounds and detailing products loved by body shops and alike to the consumer market - perfect for enthusiasts as passionate about the products they use as they are about their cars.

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ROAR 811 Wash & Gloss

Product code: RA811
The perfect product for cleaning your car and restoring the gloss between polishes. This formulation is designed to leave minimal watermarks & remove everyday road grime.
  • £16.99

ROAR 815 Speed Gloss

Product code: RA815
Spray on, wipe off liquid designed for an instant show room finish on any vehicle
  • £14.99

ROAR 814 Speed Wax

Product code: RA814
Quick and easy to apply,Provides long lasting gloss with UV protection, Mirror finish that lasts up to 3 months.
  • £17.99

ROAR 817 All In One Cleaning Wax

Product code: RA817
This unique product is able to remove fine scratches and swirls while giving a protective high gloss coating. Using the latest technology it works by removing the scratches instead of filling them to provide a permanent finish.
  • £16.00

ROAR 816 Paste Wax

Product code: RA816
The ultimate wax finish for vehicle owners serious about protection of their investment. A complex formula that includes carnauba can provide up to 6 months protection to all painted surfaces.
  • £29.99

ROAR 812 Scratch Remover

Product code: RA812
The latest technology in polishing compounds, ideal for removing light scratches and sanding marks. Advanced technology brings a trade process to the retail market.
  • £16.99

ROAR 813 Swirl Remover

Product code: RA813
Designed for removing the hologram swirl effect often seen on darker coloured vehicles
  • £16.99

ROAR 822 Wheel Cleaner

Product code: RA822
Safe on all types of wheels and will not damage paintwork. Very easy to use, simply spray on hose off.
  • £10.99

ROAR 711 Tyre Restorer & Protector

Product code: RA711
Professional grade tyre cleaner for that showroom look in seconds. Very easy to use spray on and wipe.
  • £16.00

ROAR 827 Leather & Vinyl Restorer

Product code: RA827
Cleaning, protecting then restoring your interiors natural shine.Cleans and conditions Vinyl, Leather, Rubber and Plastic Surfaces.
  • £16.00

ROAR 820 Carpet & Upholstery Spray

Product code: RA820
Outstanding cleaning properties on both carpets and upholstery bringing them back to life.
  • £16.00

ROAR 826 Cockpit Cleaner & Protector Aerosol Spray

Product code: RA826
Shines in seconds giving your interior a fresh look and a pleasant smell, the ideal product to make the interior look as good as the exterior.
  • £13.99

ROAR 823 Glass Cleaner

Product code: RA823
Streak free formula allowing for quick and easy cleaning of glass, very easy to use for that streak free finish.
  • £10.00

ROAR 825 Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Product code: RA825
A very effective multi-purpose cleaner for all areas of your car. Using the latest technology it offers a safe way to clean multiple surfaces.
  • £16.00

ROAR RA117 Deep Wash Clay Mitt

Product code: RA117
High quality clay mitt for the removal of contaminants in your paint work, ideal for restoring your gloss level and giving you a smooth finish.
  • £29.99

ROAR RA102 Absorption Cloth

Product code: RA102
The modern high tech version of a chamois leather, designed for high water absorption and scratch free use.Perfect for the wipe down after washing to avoid water marks.
  • £4.00