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PaintNuts Colour Matched Touch Up Pen

PaintNuts Colour Matched Touch Up Pen

PaintNuts touch up pen 20ml

  • PaintNuts touch up pen 20ml
  • PaintNuts touch up pen with brush
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Product code: MPEXCMTUP
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How to Order

  • Please enter your vehicle registration or paint code.
  • If you are prompted, please fill in the make/model and basic shade boxes.
  • Then simply click the add to basket button.

*Please note - the colour/ shade name is only an indication of your colour provided by the DVLA.

Our advanced paint mixing machine will mix your paint to the exact colour code of your vehicle.

Our paint mixing system is linked directly into the vehicle manufacturers and main dealer’s data base.


Product Description

Our PaintNuts precision touch up pens are colour matched to your vehicles original paint code.

PaintNuts professional quality colour match touch up pens come with a high precision needle point and fine precision brush - ideal for fine detailed work including scratches, scuffs, and small stone chips.

The touch up’s high precision pen uses a fine needle like point which perfectly applies the paint within the scratch without leaving excess paint on the bodywork.

There is also a small brush head for accurate application.

When using our precision pens, we would recommend starting with our primer to help the paint stick, especially for use on any rust or filler if there are more damaged areas - then for an added protection and even finish top with a coat of lacquer.

PaintNuts uses only professional quality, body shop standard 1k air dried paint providing excellent coverage and protection and a more precise colour match than regular 2k paints.​


Prepare & Clean

1.      The surface must be clean and dry - make sure all wax, polish and grease is removed. For best results use PaintNuts Panel Wipe and a Degreasing Cloth.


If you have a deep scratch or chip OR if you can see bare metal or plastic, we recommend using PaintNuts Primer first - if rust is present, we suggest our Rust Convertor as well.


Shake & Test

2.     Shake the Paint Pen for 2-3 Minutes to ensure the paint is thoroughly mixed.


If your paint is metallic or pearlescent, you may notice it has separated within the bottle - this paint will need a vigorous shake, even leave it upside down for 5 minutes first.


3.     There is two ways to use the 20 ml touch up paint. The high precision needle like pen is inside the clear lid (with a red protective tip that stays inside the lid) – a firm pull will access this.


The small fine brush is within the paint – just unscrew atthe white collar anticlockwise to access this.


4.    Test a small amount of paint within the damaged area to check the colour match – give it 15 minutes to dry as paints can often appear different in colour; inside the bottle, when still wet or if applied incorrectly or onto original undamaged paint work.


Paint & Finish

5.     With either pen or brush apply thin, light coats in smooth strokes; ensuring you only apply the paint within the damaged area.


If you’re using the needle point pen allow the nib to sit inside the scratch or chip and squeeze gently.

if new paint goes outside of the damaged area and on top of existing paint it will leave the area of repair looking darker or a higher level to the original bodywork.

6.    Leave the paint to dry for 15 minutes before applying any further coats, if no further coat is required, then leave to cure for 1 hour before applying the PaintNuts Clear Lacquer.                                              


PLEASE NOTE: – cold, damp weather can adversely affect the application, finish, and drying time of paints.


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