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IRWIN Safety Knife

Product code: IRW10505822
Self-retracting spring action returns blade safely into the housing when not in use
  • £14.03

LASER Knife Blades & Dispenser - 10 Piece

Product code: 0973
Spares blades for 0512
  • £6.35

LASER Mechanics Mini Pocket Knife

Product code: 5676
Mini pocket knife with locking blade
  • £15.18

LASER Trim Knife

Product code: 0512
Standard trim knife
  • £9.91

LASER Trim Knife Blades - Pack Of 100

Product code: 5677
100 Pieces
  • £16.67

STANLEY Carbide Knife Blades - Pack Of 10 1991B

Product code: STA211800
These Stanley knife blades have carbide edges, which allow the rest of the blade to remain flexible
  • £11.95

STANLEY Dynagrip Snap Off Knife - 18mm

Product code: STA010418
Stainless steel barrel with grey dynagrip soft-touch polypropylene grip offers a strong, light and comfortable knife for general purpose use.
  • £13.84

STANLEY Fatmax Retractable Folding Knife

Product code: STA010825
This Stanley 010825 FatMax retractable folding knife has an ergonomic grip and is rugged in design
  • £23.54

STANLEY Fatmax Retractable Utility Knife

Product code: STA010778
The Stanley 10-778 FatMax retractable knife comes with 5 FatMax blades and has an instant blade change mechanism
  • £23.69

STANLEY Fatmax Snap Off Knife - 25mm

Product code: STA010486
Blade wiper removes excess debris to prolong the life of the blade
  • £23.24

STANLEY Fatmax Snap Off Knife - 9mm

Product code: STA010475
Blade wiper removes excess debris to prolong the life of the blade
  • £18.18

STANLEY Heavy Duty Knife Blades - Pack Of 10 1992B

Product code: STA211921
The Stanley 1992B blades are heavy-duty, general purpose blades, which fit all standard Stanley knives
  • £5.92

STANLEY Interlock Snap Off Knife - 9mm

Product code: STA010095
Interlock 9 mm retractable snap-off blade knife
  • £9.34

STANLEY Original Retractable Knife - 155mm

Product code: STA210099
The Stanley original retractable blade knife is made from grey painted die-cast metal body, which is ergonomically shaped for a good, comfortable grip
  • £12.77

STANLEY Pocket Knife - Stanley Quickslide with Belt Clip

Product code: STA010810
All metal construction making it solid, reliable and long lasting
  • £15.41

WOT-NOTS Replacement Knife Blades x 5

Product code: PWN391
Replacement knife blade that fits almost all the popular retractable knifes
  • £3.74