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Hub Tools

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LASER Deep Impact Hub Nut Socket - 34mm - 1/2in. Drive

Product code: 0417
This impact socket comes in a 6pt (Single-Hex) format and 78mm long
  • £22.98

LASER Deep Impact Hub Nut Socket - 52mm - 1/2in. Drive

Product code: 4884
This impact socket comes in a 6pt (Single-Hex) format and 78mm long
  • £28.90

LASER Front Hub Nut Socket - 80mm - Scania

Product code: 4400A
This eight sided 80mm socket is specifically for front wheel nut sockets
  • £139.64

LASER Hub Nut Socket - 36mm

Product code: 6279A
Single Hex Hub nut socket 36mm
  • £19.72

LASER Hub Nut Socket - 3/4in. Drive - VW Crafter

Product code: 5047A
Correctly hardened selected steel
  • £81.83

LASER Hub Nut Socket - 54mm - 1/2in. Drive - Toyota

Product code: 4835A
The Health and Safety Executive recommend the use of a flexible hose between the air tool and a quick coupling to isolate the tools vibration This Whip Hose is 600mm long with a 10mm core, 1/4in. BSP fitting and a quick 1/4in. BSP coupler
  • £38.78

LASER Hub Nut Socket 26mm 1/2in. Drive

Product code: 3378B
Specifically introduced for service and maintenance on Citroen/Peugeot hub nuts
  • £12.77

LASER Hub Nut Socket Set - VAG - 5 Piece

Product code: 4925A
A comprehensive set of Hub Nut sockets designed primarily for Volkswagen Audi Group vehicles The set, supplied in a handy tin
  • £42.55

LASER Impact Hub Nut Socket DAF - 105mm

Product code: 4815
This Impact Socket has been specifically introduced for use on DAF hub nuts
  • £235.66

LASER Impact/Bi Hex Hub Nut Socket Set - 3 Piece

Product code: 4146A
Three PC thin walled, Bi-Hex impact sockets in 1/2in. drive
  • £72.68

LASER Rear Hub Cap BPW Nut Socket - 110mm

Product code: 5597A
110mm BPW rear hub cap socket
  • £161.78

LASER Rear Hub Nut Socket - 100mm - 3/4in. Drive - Scania

Product code: 4563B
A robust quality socket in 3/4in. drive
  • £185.81