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Chain Care

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GRANVILLE G+PRO Spray Grease And Chain Lubricant

Product code: 1081D
Penetrates and lubricates
  • £6.59

LASER Chain Cleaning Brush

Product code: 4140B
Using the same principle as the Kamasa Off-line Driver this is a great product for working in tight conditions It makes the original universal joint redundant It can be used using the Off-line feature and also as a fixed drive
  • £22.07

LASER Motorcycle Chain Link Extractor & Rivet

Product code: 4191A
Suitable for Cam Chains and Drive Chains and versatile enough for chains with a diameter of #35 to #630
  • £105.58

LASER Motorcycle Chain Tool Kit

Product code: 5826
Includes a pair of chain link clip removal pliers
  • £107.42

LUCAS OIL Chain Lube 946ml

Product code: 10014C
Water resistant
  • £13.20

LUCAS OIL Chain Lube Aerosol - 311g

Product code: 40393A
Suitable for use on all chains including O-ring types
  • £8.62

POWER MAXED Power Maxed Chain Lube 500ml

Product code: CL500SC09
Prevents squeaking
  • £7.67