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Simoniz Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Product code: SAPP0089A
Guaranteed For Easy Removal Of Brake Dust and Dirt
  • £5.99

Simoniz Anti Glare Glass Cleaner

Product code: SAPP0080A
Guaranteed High Visibility, Streak Free Finish
  • £5.99

Simoniz Anti Mist Glass Wipes

Product code: SWPS0012A
Guaranteed High Visibility, Streak Free Formula, Fast Interior Glass Cleaning
  • £4.50

Simoniz Back to Black Bumper Shine

Product code: SAPP0082A
Guaranteed to restore ,protect and shine all exterior plastics
  • £6.25

Simoniz Back to Black Wet Look Tyre Shine

Product code: SAPP0073A
Guaranteed To Restore, Protect and Shine, Long Lasting, Gloss Finish
  • £7.25

Simoniz Colour Polish

Guaranteed to protect and shine all paint finishes, Removes micro-scratches, removes oxidation and swirls

Simoniz Dash Restorer Pad

Product code: SAPP0075A
Guaranteed To Restore Showroom Shine , Anti -Static with Lemon Fragrance
  • £1.99

Simoniz Dashboard Treatment Gloss Finish New Car Scent

Product code: SAPP0077A
Guaranteed Long Lasting Protection and Shine, New Car Fragrance
  • £5.75

Simoniz Dashboard Wipes Matt Finish New Car Scent

Product code: SWPS0010A
Guaranteed Long Lasting Protection, New Car Fragrance
  • £4.30

Simoniz Diamond Wax

Product code: SAPP0071A
Guaranteed Protection and Shine With Carnauba, Easy removal of scratches
  • £7.20

Simoniz Insect & Tar Remover Spray

Product code: SAPP0061A
Guaranteed Easy Removal of Stubborn Insects, Guaranteed Removal Of Tar, Guaranteed Removal of Droppings
  • £5.99

Simoniz Leather Protection Cream

Product code: SAPP0083A
Guaranteed To Clean , Treat And Protect Leather
  • £7.25

Simoniz Leather Wipes

Product code: SWPS0008A
Guaranteed To Clean and Treat Leather
  • £4.25

Simoniz Multi Use Pressure Washer Fluid

Product code: SPW5
Ideal for cleaning cars, caravans, driveways, patios, plastic window frames and brick work.
  • £10.25

Simoniz Odour Neutraliser

Product code: SAPP0062A
Guaranteed To Kill Bacteria and Give A New Car Fragrance
  • £6.25

Simoniz Original Wax

Product code: sim0010a
Simoniz original hard wax, the classic favourite since 1910
  • £10.75