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Brake Tools

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GUNSON Brake Fluid Tester

Product code: 77002
A simple and effective tester shows the condition of the brake fluid with a coloured response
  • £36.86

LASER Brake Caliper Cleaning File

Product code: 4855B
Designed for the removal of brake dust, corrosion and the build up of road dirt from the brake caliper
  • £26.06

LASER Brake Caliper Guide Thread Repair Kit

Product code: 5037
Brake Caliper Guide Thread Repair Kit
  • £143.53

LASER Brake Caliper Guide Thread Repair Kit Inserts - 10 Piece

Product code: 5038B
Threaded inserts for use with the brake caliper guide repair kit (part 5037)
  • £39.36

LASER Brake Caliper Key - 7mm

Product code: 0275A
Suitable for:
  • £8.34

LASER Brake Caliper Key - 8mm

Product code: 2132
Hexagonal Wrench for brake seat fittings, disc brake release bolts etc
  • £10.85

LASER Brake Caliper Pad Socket 10pt - Audi & Porsche

Product code: 6985
Designed for use on the Audi A8, S6 and Porsche Cayenne
  • £14.89

LASER Brake Caliper Pin Punch Set - 2 Piece

Product code: 2712A
For removing brake retaining pins 55mm and 6mm
  • £23.74

LASER Brake Caliper Socket - 26mm 1/2in.D

Product code: 6521A
Applications: Scania and DAF brake calipers
  • £9.48

LASER Brake Caliper Socket 11pt - HGV

Product code: 6243
Used on Knorr-Bremse Calipers – type SB, SK, SN – typically found on DAF / Foden / MAN / Mercedes / Scania / BOVA , plus BPW & SAF Trailers
  • £9.70

LASER Brake Cylinder Hone

Product code: 2243
22mm - 69mm
  • £23.44

LASER Brake Disc Brush

Product code: 4874A
Ideal for removing brake dust
  • £9.91

LASER Brake Disc Measurement Gauge

Product code: 5493A
Designed to measure the thickness of the brake discs with the wheels still on the vehicle.
  • £39.49

LASER Brake Disc Removal Tool - Ford Transit

Product code: 4288C
Removes the front brake discs without damaging the bearings on FWD and RWD Ford Transits from 2001 onwards
  • £117.94

LASER Brake Disc Run Out Kit

Product code: 6084
DTi Gauge accurate to 0.01mm, total deflection 10mm
  • £122.86

LASER Brake Fluid Tester

Product code: 4875B
Identify percentage of water in brake fluid
  • £42.98