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Winter Driving Safety Tips

Towing accessoriesIce on the road can be deadly and it is vital to take extra care when driving during cold weather.  To make it a little safer, follow our handy winter driving tips.

  • First of all, is your journey even necessary at all? If not, then best to put it off and stay home with a nice hot cup of tea! If you have to drive, then make sure you allow yourself extra time - safety is far more important than punctuality

  • Make sure your vehicle is fully road-safe and check out our massive range of products to help you

  • Car treatments additivesIf your windows have become covered with ice & snow, make sure it is all removed with a scraper and the window treated with de-icer before driving. Do not be tempted to just clear enough space for you to see through - this is highly dangerous and is against the law

  • Slow down - braking distances can increase by up to tenfold in icy conditions so make sure you leave plenty of room in case you need to stop in a hurry

  • Driving steadily and smoothly is all the more important when the road is slippery so do not accelerate or brake too quickly and avoid steering sharply. The risk of skidding is obviously greater when the road is iced over but if you do find your wheels locking up then it’s crucial not to panic - ease off the brake and keep control

  • Sh5411Be even more careful when travelling on infrequently-used roads, overpasses and bridges - ice forms here first so will be the thickest. Beware of patches that appear to be liquid water but still have a treacherous solid ice layer beneath

  • Use your headlights as soon as the daylight starts to disappear

  • Keep a check on the radio for local weather forecasts, particularly if you are driving in remote or rural areas

  • Ensure you carry essential cold-weather survival items in your car - a first-aid kit, warm clothes/­blankets, nutritious food, car tools and clean drinking water are the basics

Drive safe this winter with Motornuts! Check out our range of products!

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