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Treat your car to a detox and it's 5-a-day

How often do you really think about the day to day wear and tear your car gets – mainly the engine.

Simple engine treatments can improve performance, reduce emissions, increase efficiency, clean build ups and ultimately prevent engine mishaps and extend life span.

MotorNuts are Nuts about treatments and our customers seem to agree and love the results.


Firstly for Diesel engines we love the Forte triple pack which combines 1 DPF cleaner and regenerator, 1 turbo cleaner and 1 advanced formula treatment.

1)      The best one to start with is the Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner and Regenerator which has been specifically formulated to tackle the effects that start/stop driving has on DPF regeneration.

If you own a diesel you will have almost certainly seen the DPF light come on and have heard about the problems it can lead to.

The Forté DPF Cleaner and Regenerator uses a catalyst to clean the soot during combustion crucially reducing the temperature that it can be burnt off which helps regenerate the filter, improving its performance and in turn reducing soot emissions.

2)      Next up is the Diesel Turbo cleaner

In a nutshell build up accumulates in the turbo reducing vehicle power and efficiency which will ultimately show up as an engine management fault.

 Like all Forte treatments they recommend using at regular service intervals or as a first call response to a warning light.

3)      The final step is the Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment

Forté Advanced Formula Diesel Treatment is designed specially to combat driveability concerns that come as a result of a build up of the by-products of combustion and fuel deterioration.

This treatment is for the whole of the fuel system and cleans and lubricates throughout improving overall engine power and efficiency and considerably reducing potential down time and costly component replacement.


We are Nuts about looking after your petrol engine cars as well and have an excellent product from Wynns which will do the job.

Wynn's Xtreme Petrol System Clean is a powerful cleaning treatment, designed to restore, protect and maintain performance of modern petrol engines. 

The ‘one tank’ treatment cleans and protects not only injectors but the entire fuel system restoring any loss in engine performance.

A well as cleaning and improving performance Wynns Extreme Petrol System Clean also improves fuel economy and reduces emissions.


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