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Transmission Parts

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Transmission problems need finding and fixing sooner rather than later to avoid more damage and more costly repairs - but don't go Nuts, we've all the transmission parts you'll need. Read more

Typical signs of transmission problems include rough gear changes or gears slipping on their own, and look out for the transmission warning light too!

CV joints can fail from general exposure to dirt and grit, a signal that there is a problem is a clunking sound when you turn the wheel, especially when speeding up or slowing down. CV boot kits can also be replaced alongside the joint.

You cannot miss a failing drive shaft as it will cause intense vibrations along with strange noises from under the car and affect drivability.

The small yet mighty wheel bearings are often overlooked but problems with them will cause an obvious whirring noise when the tyres go round.

If you hear a whirring and feel vibrations as the clutch pedal goes up and down and your car slips through the gears it’s a problem with your clutch kit - the tell tale sign is if you increase revs but the speed doesn’t increase.