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Trailer Hitch Locks

MotorNuts stock an extensive range of trailer hitch locks with something suitable for all types of trailer hitch; from Albe, to Knott, to Avonride and everything in between.

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Bulldog P6E/2 Knott Hitch Lock Suitable For Knott KQ14 On P6E Trailers 2004 Onwards.

Product code: P6E/2
Bulldog P6E/2 Suitable for knott KQ14 on P6E trailers 2004 onwards.
  • £100.00

Bulldog LW Alko Hitch Lock Suitable For Alko AK7 On 60mm Box With Stand.

Product code: LW Alko
Bulldog LW Suitable for Alko AK7 on 60mm box with stand.
  • £119.99

Bulldog KN Knott Hitch Lock Suitable For Knott K35 & K27 Hitch Heads.

Product code: KN Knott
Bulldog KN suitable for Knott K35 & K27 hitch heads.
  • £124.99

Bulldog GA95 Alko Hitchllock

Product code: GA95
Budget caravan hitch lock suitbale for Alko 2004/3004 hitch heads.
  • £49.99

Bulldog BRS Bradley Hitch Lock Suitable For Bradley Double Lock D5050 Hitch Head

Product code: BRS
Bulldog BRS suitable for Bradley double lock D5050 hitch head.
  • £124.99

Bulldog BT Brenderup Hitch Lock for Brenderup Trailers With Knott KFT100-1040 Hitchead

Product code: BT Brenderup
Bulldog BT Hitchlock for Brenderup Trailers with Knott KFT100-1040 Hitchead.
  • £119.99

Bulldog AV Hitchlock Suitable For Avonride/Knott 1400kg-3500kg Hitch Heads

Product code: AV
Suitable for Avonride/Knott 1400kg-3500kg hitch heads.
  • £89.99

Bulldog AW Avonride/ Knott Hitch Lock

Product code: AW Avonride
Bulldog A.W suitable for Avonride 12-15851 and 12-14304 hitch heads.
  • £130.00

Bulldog BR10 Bradley Hitch Lock Suitable For Bradley Unbraked Hitch Heads Upto 2600kg.

Product code: BR10
Bulldog BR10 suitable for Bradley Unbraked Hitch Heads upto 2600kg.
  • £119.99

Bulldog BR20 Bradley Hitch Lock Suitable For Bradley GA2750 And GA3500 Hitch Heads.

Product code: BR20
Bulldog BR20 Hitchock suitable for Bradley GA2750 and GA3500 hitch heads.
  • £119.99

Bulldog BR30 Indespension Triple Lock Hitch Lock

Product code: BR30
Suitable for use on Indespension Triple lock hitcheads.
  • £130.00

Bulldog BRC Hitch Lock For Bradley 3500 & Avonride 12-15851/Knott 50mm Hitch Heads

Product code: BRC
Bulldog BRC suitable for Bradley 3500 and Avonride 12-15851 hitch heads.
  • £130.00

Bulldog BRC/BK Bradley Auto Head Hitch Lock suitable for Bradley Autoheads (Rubber Grip Handles). Models GA3500, GA2750 And 05050

Product code: BRC/BK
Bulldog BRC/BK suitable for Bradley Autoheads (rubber grip handles). Models GA3500, GA2750 and 05050 with and without cappits.
  • £130.00

Bulldog BRCA Avonride Hitch Lock Suitable For Avonride Hitch Head On 60mm Shaft

Product code: BRCA Avonride
Bulldog BRCA suitable for Avonride hitch head on 60mm shaft.
  • £130.00

Bulldog AA Alko/Albe Hitch Lock

Product code: AA
Bulldog AA suitable for Alko and Albe hitch heads.
  • £130.00

Bulldog AC Albe Hitch Lock Suitable For Albe EM300R

Product code: AC Albe
Double security of ball socket retention.
  • £130.00

The trailer hitch locks are all made to the Sold Secure standard or higher, with hidden, anti pick, high security locks and tough steel design they are a visible deterrent as well as a durable lock.

The Trailer hitch locks from leading brands Bulldog and Maypole Stronghold can be used either hitched or unhitched, and when not in use can be easily stored. They can also be used alongside a security post.

Many insurance companies require a hitch lock to be used, and if it’s not a requirement it can also earn a discount.