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Trailer, Caravan and Motorhome lighting

It is essential that your trailer and caravan lighting is in top condition, not only ensure that you stay within the UK law, but ensures the safety of yourself and other road users. MotorNuts' stock 30 different Trailer Lighting Boards to suit whatever your needs, from Boat and Camping trailers to Bike trailers. We can also supply, Reversing lights, Fog lights, Rear tail/­combination lights, Marking lights and many other items for task and general lighting. In fact lighting to suit all Trailers, Caravans and Motorhomes.

Many drivers who tow trailers or caravan may not be aware of the legal requirements regarding the lighting for a trailer or caravan. Like many aspects of towing the regulations governing the security and safety of the towing and towed vehicle can be strictly applied. In the case of the lighting of towed vehicles it is covered by The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989.

MotorNuts supplies quality and reliable lighting equipment to help you to meet the requirements of these regulations with Marking lights, Rear tail/­combination lights; Number plate lights, Reversing lights, Fog lights and complete Trailer lighting boards all in stock.

Remember that you will also need a Trailer lighting board if you are using a cycle carrier that obscures the number plate and lights of your car.

There a number of requirements to make sure that you are operating your trailer or caravan within the law. Here is a guide to the requirements for all trailers and Caravans, the rear of the vehicle should have:       

Two red sidelights and Two red stoplights along with Two red reflective triangles.      

You must have an illuminated number plate. Amber turning indicators and an indicator in the car or cab so that the driver knows that the trailer indicators are working correctly.

Trailers built after September 1990 are also required to show two front white reflectors  

For trailer that are more than 1.3m wide you must also fit at least one red fog lamp.

Large trailers of over 1.6m wide should also meet these requirements; two white front reflectors two white front marker lights.

All Trailers Manufactured from October 2012 and those fitted with brakes must include a Reversing light.

Long trailers that are over 6m long must include front white side markers and red rear side markers.