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Towing Stabilisers

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Bulldog G 200Q Anti Snake Stabiliser

Product code: G 200Q
With over 250,000 past and present users the 200Q is a proven answer to staying in control.
  • £161.58

Bulldog GE8 Anti Snake Stabiliser For Swan Neck Towbars

Product code: GE8
A silicone chrome leaf spring takes care of pitching movement and again does not rely on gripping a ball to be effective.
  • RRP £199.99
  • £194.99

Bulldog 400Q Anti Snake Twin Stabiliser

Product code: 400Q
The 400Q Twin stabiliser has all the features of the 200Q but features an additional leaf spring to cope with the rigours of towing heavier commercial trailers
  • RRP £359.99
  • £329.99

Bulldog LC8 Swan Neck/Removable Towbar Clamp For Stabilisers

Product code: LC8
Bulldog Swan Neck Car Bracket fits up to 43mm diameter towbars. For use with Bulldog 200Q Stabiliser where the towing vehicle is fitted with a swan neck or removable towbar.
  • RRP £79.99
  • £76.00

Bulldog LC1 Standard Car Plate

Product code: LC1
Bolt on car plate for the Bulldog 200Q single stabiliser
  • RRP £59.99
  • £49.99

Bulldog LC60 Stabiliser Pivot Plate Converter

Product code: LC60
Bulldog pivot plate converter,­converts the Bulldog 100Q & Scott type stabilisers to fit the Bulldog LC8 swan neck bracket
  • RRP £19.99
  • £16.00

Bulldog Plastic Slipper For Stabilisers

Product code: LC5-2
Bulldog Plastic slipper and fasteners to suit any Bulldog stabiliser
  • RRP £15.00
  • £12.50