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Towing Electrics

MotorNuts has a comprehensive stock of all the electrical accessories, such as Towing Relays and Socket Mounting Plates; Cables and Sockets, 13 pin plugs, sockets & extensions leads. If it is towing electrics that you need MotorNuts will have it.

There are thousands of cars fitted with tow bars, many of which will have what are known as ‘by-pass electrics” this means that the towing vehicle does not know that it is towing or what it is towing. This is inefficient and potentially could be dangerous.

For the last 20 years or so car electrics and electronics have increased in sophistication and manufacturers include systems to detect a trailer which improves safety and stability features. This also improves convenience by detecting and disabling the rear parking sensors and the cutting off the rear fog light.

This level of complexity means that the choosing the correct tow bar electrics is essential whether you are towing e.g. caravan or Trailer, or simply fitting tow bar mounted cycle carrier.

In general, there are three types of socket single 7 pin, twin 7 pin and single 13 pin electrics. You choose the type of towing socket depending on the type of trailer or caravan you are towing. Most modern caravans will be 13 pin variety.

You can choose from 7 pin plugs, sockets & extensions leads; 13 pin plugs, sockets & extensions leads, and you can also use a 7pin & 13pin adaptors if you need to tow something which has a different fitting to your car.

If you decide to fit the towing electrics yourself we also have several different Socket Mounting plates, towing relays (which will prevent damage to your towing vehicle electrics if something goes wrong). MotorNuts also stocks all the electrical accessories you will need, including the cables where we stock wiring blocks, tools and all the connection bits and bobs that are needed for a professional finish.