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Top tips for keeping your cars, caravans and trailers safe

Whilst car crime figures are decreasing on a whole vehicle theft is still all too common a crime.

Bulldog VA102 Van Door LockBulldog BW550 Steering Wheel LockStronghold Triangular Wheel Clamp 10"-14"

MotorNuts are all about making sure you have your vehicles, caravans and trailers on lock down with a wide range of vehicle security products - and a few of our top tips.

  1. Locked and loaded

Make sure your vehicle is locked and where you have one alarm and immobiliser is switched on. It may sound obvious but it’s surprisingly easy to leave it unlocked when its outside your house or whilst you nip into the shop or to pay for petrol – it’s even easier to walk away clicking the key fob and not check if it’s actually worked.

  1. Steering lock

The bold, bright Disklok is a tried and tested deterrent.  It’s unique design allows the steering wheel lock to rotate with the wheel itself if it is being tampered which helps prevent damage to the steering wheel and column. Its high visibility (it comes in bright yellow or silver) and its reputation for durability (it takes longer for security experts to break than the competition) certainly helps discourage break-ins.

  1. Wheel clamps

High security, steel encased wheel clamps are another extremely visible, tamper proof deterrent on your car, trailer or caravan. There is a product in the range for all sizes and styles of wheel that not only meet but exceed security standards and are insurance approved.

  1. Vehicle tracker

For added peace of mind vehicle trackers can be checked remotely at any time to make sure your vehicle or caravan is exactly where you left it. Should the worst happen they can also prove instrumental in recovering the vehicle and will omit emergency SOS alerts.

If you are using any of these security products we suggest from leading brands Maypole, Disklok StrongHold and Bulldog make sure you are getting the maximum discount from your car insurance providers.




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