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Top Ten Products for Caravan Season

The new caravanning season is nearly here so now is the time to gear up for a fun, smooth sailing run of caravan holidays. Before you get too excited and go dashing off, it's essential that you've got everything you need to make your break safe and successful.

The team at Motornuts have pulled together our guide to the top ten products and accessories that will make sure your holiday is memorable for all the right reasons.

caravan on tow

  1. Sanitation. Keeping your toilet facilities clean is up there as an essential in order to avoid them becoming a health hazard. We have a vast range of products in stock that will keep your facilities (and the rest of your caravan!) smelling nice and fresh, including the Elsan Blue and Pink toilet fluid twin pack. Together, the products kill all germs and bacteria as well as preventing algae buildup.
  2. Tyre Pressure Gauges. You don't want anything slowing you down so make sure that your tyres are properly pumped with one of our range of pressure gauges.
  3. Tyre Inflators. If your tyre pressure is too low, especially once the car and caravan are fully loaded - simply inflate to the correct pressure with a handy inflator
  4. Lighting. Being safe means being seen and we have a wide selection of lights for both inside and out; from awning lights to torches and bulbs for all lights.
  5. Power supplies and leads. Whether gas, electric or solar, this section contains all the accessories you're likely to need.
  6. Tools. As an essential to have on board the 30-piece KAMASA tool kit comes highly recommended. It contains a mains voltage tester, combination pliers, water pump pliers, magnetic bit driver, D socket adaptor, 6 screwdrivers and 19 screwdriver bits.+
  7. First Aid. Accidents can happen anywhere and at any time so it's important to be prepared, particularly as you may be at some distance from medical facilities. Our vast range of first aid products is designed to cover all eventualities.
  8. Battery chargers and testers. Keep the power flowing with our choice selection of chargers and testers, all designed to give the fastest response.
  9. Security. The last thing you want is for your holiday to come to an abrupt end because your caravan has been stolen so be sure to protect it properly with a wheel clamp, hitch lock or tracker.
  10. Accessories. To complete your caravan experience we have all the accessories you could need, from jockey wheels to caravan covers, storage bags, towing mirrors/­stabilisers/­accessories and caravan steps.

Enjoy browsing the full range and order today for fast delivery. Happy holidays!

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