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The real cost of not having a spare tyre

Do you like to run risks or do you like to be prepared? What would you do if you got a flat tyre? Do you have a spare wheel or a repair kit or neither?


Over the last few years more and more manufacturers now sell their new cars without a spare wheel so as many as two thirds of newer cars now don’t have one

Instead manufacturers are providing various repair kits or tyre foam or slime which has limited success depending on the damage or cause of the flat.

MotorNuts are a leading supplier of Road Hero space saver spare wheels and we sell lots day in, day out.

 A recent conversation with a new customer highlighted the real costs of not having a spare when he got a flat tyre on the dual carriage way on a family day out.

  • Our customers first port of call was to phone his breakdown provider who couldn’t get to him for a number of hours so instead he had to phone for an emergency call out to be towed off the dual carriage way. Cost - £150
  • Disheartened by the breakdown provider and with time ticking he found a mobile tyre fitter who he called out to get him back on the road. As they don’t do mobile repairs he provided and fitted one new tyre - £200
  • In all the delays he had to feed his disgruntled family whilst they waited — £50
  • After all the headache and cost he ended the process £400 lighter still with no spare wheel. If he had a space saver he could have simply changed to it and had the damaged tyre repaired at a garage for around £15.

He is now the proud owner of a space saver... you don’t make the same mistake twice. 

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