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The ONE Thing Drivers Forget to Check...

Visibility is one of the most important aspects of safe driving and, during the winter months, it can often become limited. Rain, freezing fog and headlight glare all contribute to bad visibility and when you combine it with slippery roads… well let’s just say that things are not looking good, not that you can see them anyway through that windscreen!

Wiper BladesKeeping your windscreen wipers in good condition is essential and it is one part of a vehicle that even the most conscientious drivers often forget to check. When was the last time you checked YOURS? You don't want to discover in a sudden shower that your blades aren’t up to the job so check today then browse our range of wiper blades if yours need replacing. It’s always good to have spares ready, even if your current blades have still got a little life in them.

Replacing wiper blades is really easy and anyone can do it without the need to visit a garage. Just follow these simple steps…

  • Remove the old wiper blade first. Gently lift the wiper arm away from the windscreen, locate the small tab that holds the blade in place and simply slide the blade off the arm. The tab can usually be located on the wiper underside, where it comes into contact with the wiper arm

  • Next, remove the new wiper blade from its packaging and line it up squarely with the arm. Move the arm’s hook over the clip on the new blade, and slide into place. You should hear and feel a click as it engages correctly

  • You’re done! At least for the first one; now simply repeat the process on the other wiper arm and relax in the knowledge that your windscreen is ready for pretty much anything the winter can throw at it

Drive safe this winter; give your vehicle a makeover with Motornuts!

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