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Special Fit Pliers

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LASER Clutch Master Cylinder Pliers - VAG

Product code: 6573
Equivalent to VAG pliers T10005
  • £39.88

LASER CV Boot Clamp Pliers

Product code: 4136A
Suitable for installation of certain clamps on fuel filters, water pumps and other cooling systems
  • £38.87

LASER Fuel Line Connector Pliers

Product code: 5792A
Essential service tool for petrol engines
  • £38.44

LASER Fuel Line Disconnect Pliers

Product code: 5163A
Disconnect pliers for fuel lines on many vehicles
  • £26.63

LASER Fuel Line Pliers

Product code: 4505A
Especially designed for undoing quick release connections on fuel lines
  • £31.14

LASER Hog Ring Pliers

Product code: 4591A
These Hog Ring pliers are complete with automatic feed, which makes them ideal for continuous connections
  • £56.76

LASER Pliers - Drum Brake Spring - 300mm

Product code: 6282
For use on light and heavy goods vehicles
  • £32.87

LASER Pliers - Trim Clip Removal

Product code: 6244A
Designed to remove broken plastic rivets and trim clips
  • £43.72

LASER Spark Plug Boot Pliers

Product code: 2719A
Heavy duty spark plug pliers
  • £23.38

LASER Wheel Bearing Circlip Pliers

Product code: 6885
Bearing clips used by Citroen, Peugeot, etc.
  • £41.12

LASER Wire Twisting Pliers - 6in./150mm

Product code: 2722A
Twists wire together to ensure essential fixings are secure
  • £49.81

GUNSON Pliers - Hog Ring

Product code: 77128
Ideal for seat repairs to classic cars
  • £19.93