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Spark & Glow Plug Tools

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GUNSON Flexible Spark Plug Remover/­Installer

Product code: 77082
This specially designed tool allows access to spark plugs where they are deep seated or require off-line access
  • £12.44

GUNSON Spark Indicator

Product code: 77077
Non-contact spark tester
  • £15.07

GUNSON Spark Plug Cleaner

Product code: 77111
Cleans any size of spark plug quickly and efficiently. Using an abrasive action this tool cleans the spark plug outer and centre electrode plus the inner insulator area.
  • £41.11

LASER Adjustable Spark Tester

Product code: 5655A
Tests the quality of the coil according to spark colour and distance
  • £28.28

LASER HT Lead Ignition Spark Tester

Product code: 2780A
Designed for testing the output on HT leads
  • £21.95

LASER In Line Spark Plug Tester

Product code: 2625
In line spark plug tester
  • £13.25

LASER Spark Plug Boot Pliers

Product code: 2719A
Heavy duty spark plug pliers
  • £23.38

LASER Spark Plug Internal Thread Restorer - 2 Piece

Product code: 5278
Length: 260mm
  • £69.67

LASER Spark Plug Socket - 14mm - 3/8in.D

Product code: 6659
Specifically designed for Ford Ecoboost 1.5 engines
  • £19.40

LASER Spark Plug Socket - 19mm - 1/2in.D

Product code: 6825C
Ideal for lawn mowers and other petrol powered garden machinery
  • £10.42

LASER Spark Plug Socket - 14mm - 3/8in.Drive

Product code: 6371
14mm x 3/8in.D x Bi Hex (12pt)
  • £17.00

LASER Spark Plug Socket - 16mm - 1/2in. Drive

Product code: 0100A
Standard spark plug socket in 10mm (16mm Euro) (Motorcycle)
  • £5.81

LASER Spark Plug Socket - 16mm - 3/8in. Drive

Product code: 0059A
Standard plug socket for motorcycles
  • £6.10

LASER Spark Plug Socket - 16mm - 3/8in. Drive

Product code: 1650B
Spark plug for use with socket rack
  • £5.40

LASER Spark Plug Socket - 16mm - 3/8in.Drive

Product code: 6370
Thin wall (maximum diameter 20.8mm)
  • £4.86

LASER Spark Plug Socket - 16mm Flexible

Product code: 2657A
Plug socket with universal joint for access in difficult areas
  • £12.19