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Space Saver Wheels: Preventing Puncture Panic!

Any driver whose vehicle has suffered from a puncture or blow-out knows just what a lifesaver a spare wheel can be. Despite this, more than half of new vehicles are no longer supplied with a spare wheel, foam sealant or tyre slime taking its place. Such products are useless when it comes to blow-outs or slashes to the tyre wall. The solution? RoadHero.

RoadHero 4 and 5 Stud Steel Space Saver Wheel - Tyre

The RoadHero is a full-size steel wheel that is fitted with a tyre and which fits neatly into the storage space beneath the floor of the vehicle's boot. It is designed to be easy and quick to fit and comes complete with a jack and wheel brace: all of the items fit perfectly into a handy storage bag which is also supplied with the kit.

A space saver wheel like RoadHero is designed as a temporary solution to a punctured or otherwise damaged tyre. Once fitted, the wheel will allow you to get safely to a garage to have your damaged tyre fixed or replaced. Note that RoadHero carries a speed limit of 50mph.

RoadHero 4 and 5 Stud Steel Space Saver Wheel - Tyre

Motornuts is a proud supplier of the RoadHero space saver wheel, which is available for most makes and models of vehicle. It gives drivers peace of mind that, should they suffer a flat tyre for any reason, they will have a safe, easy, rapid and reliable solution immediately available.

We have put together a list of FAQs about space saver wheels for your information so check these out on our website. If you can't see your vehicle represented on the product page then please contact our team at or on 01254 778255.

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