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Service Parts

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We at MotorNuts go Nuts for a car service, and all the parts that go with it!

We stock all the service parts you need for your annual service, if you do a lot of mileage check your vehicles hand back for the recommended service interval don’t just wait for the light to come on. Read more

What gets changed at a service?

  • Fuel filters – they remove muck from the fuel pumps and the stop the build up at the bottom of the fuel tank getting into the engine. If your fuel filter is blocked you will notice a loss of power and reduced performance. Fuel filter life span and efficiency can be improved by using a specific treatment.
  • Oil filters are the fuel filter back up; they catch any muck or contaminants that make it into the engine and contaminate the engine oil.
  • Engine oil – should be checked at least once a month, topped up when necessary and then changed at your annual service. Enter your reg above and let us find the oil you need.
  • If a spark plug goes you will notice a mis-fire or reduction in performance
  • Cabin filters are changed every service, these are what stop dust, pollen and smog getting inside the car through your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system or blowers
  • Air filters get blocked over time and your car won’t run right as a result, a quick visual check regularly can avoid breakage, we recommend replacing your air filter with the improved k&n performance air filters