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Sensor & Switches

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MotorNuts are switched on when it comes to sensors and switches for your car; from the map sensor to the fuel tank sender unit, radiator fan switch to a temperature switch, right through to idle control valve and knock sensor.  Read more

So what are these sensors and switches all about and what problems can they cause when they switch off for good?

The crank shaft sensor monitors the position and rotational speed of the crankshaft subsequently controlling fuel injection and the ignition system timing. A typical sign of a faulty crank shaft sensor would be intermittent stalling.

Your cars oil pressure switch is whatreads the oil pressure; you’ll know there is a problem with the switch if your oil warning light comes on. First top up your oil and if the light comes back on then you know there is a fault with the switch.

Signs that there is a problem with your lambda sensor include your engine running rough and misfiring or ticking over irregularly.

Similar symptoms would come from issues with your exhaust temperature sensor and exhaust pressure sensor although faults with these could also cause excess heat or smoke from the exhaust.