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LASER Parts Cleaning Brush - Double Headed

Product code: 3733A
300mm long
  • £7.78

LASER Chain Cleaning Brush

Product code: 4140B
Using the same principle as the Kamasa Off-line Driver this is a great product for working in tight conditions It makes the original universal joint redundant It can be used using the Off-line feature and also as a fixed drive
  • £19.40

GUNSON Engine Cleaning Brush Set - 4 Piece

Product code: 77086
A handy set of brushes ideal for engine rebuilds or for removing contaminated oil or grit from rocker shaft and crank oil feeds etc. Brushes are 300mm long and include:
  • £9.14

LASER Wheel Stud Cleaning Tool Set

Product code: 6602
Supplied with a 1/2in. Drive adaptor
  • £43.04

Forte Diesel System Cleaning Kit Triple Pack

Product code: 44910TP
Forte Diesel System Cleaning Kit
1 x DPF Cleaner & Regenerator
1 x Diesel Turbo Cleaner
1 x Diesel Specialist Injector Cleaner
  • £35.90

POWER-TEC Spray Gun Cleaning Kit

Product code: 91417
Comprehensive set of brushes for spray gun cleaning and maintenance
  • £21.55

LASER Brake Caliper Cleaning File

Product code: 4855B
Designed for the removal of brake dust, corrosion and the build up of road dirt from the brake caliper
  • £20.56

LASER Battery Terminal Cleaning Brush

Product code: 5454A
Complete with metal case
  • £7.48

FENWICKS BIKE Bike Gear Cleaning Brush - 25cm

Product code: 2902A
Unique brush designed to complement Fenwick's drivetrain cleaning products
  • £6.16

FENWICKS BIKE Bike Chain Cleaning Sponge

Product code: 2711A
Revolutionary design makes cleaning chains quick, easy and mess free
  • £2.58

LASER Carburettor Nozzle Cleaning Set - 20 Piece

Product code: 5508A
Carburettor nozzle cleaning kit - 20 sizes
  • £16.32

MUC OFF Visor, Lens & Goggle Cleaning Kit

Product code: 202C
Safe to use on all lens types
  • £11.56

T-CUT Wheeler Dealer Vehicle Cleaning Kit

Product code: TWD000
A selection of T-Cut products presented in a complete cleaning kit.
  • RRP £27.99
  • £19.00

FENWICKS BIKE Essential Bike Cleaning and Lube Kit

Product code: 5514B
Kit contents: Bike Cleaner 1 litre, Concentrated Bike Cleaner 95ml, Chain Lube 100ml
  • £18.36

FENWICKS BIKE Bike Drivetrain Cleaning Kit

Product code: 5507B
Kit contents: Foaming Chain Cleaner 500ml, Chain Cleaning Sponge, Gear Cleaning Brush
  • £16.79

FENWICKS BIKE Flow Through Bike Cleaning Brush - 40cm

Product code: 2919A
Cone-shaped design for a quick and efficient cleaning, reaching multiple surfaces at a time
  • £12.61

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