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Scratched your car?? Don’t go Nuts – here’s our simple step by step guide to scratch repair.

Scratched your car? Don’t go Nuts – here’s our simple step by step guide to scratch repair.

We’ve all done it...whether the kids got too close with their bikes, you misjudged a gap – or someone else did scratching your car is annoying but luckily can be easily resolved.

MotorNuts have a massive range of car care products so we have the scratch repair process covered from start to finish – sanding to painting. Excellent products from well known and loved names including Turtle Wax and Autosol and we also have two new quality brand names from MPEX and ROAR.

For small scuffs and scratches the ROAR scratch remover is brilliant, but for deeper scratches and paint touch ups MPEX have a 5 step process in their DIY scratch remove kit. Add their primer, lacquer and colour matched touch up paint pen to the mix and it will be as good as new.

1.       First wash the area needing repair with warm soapy water, rinse and dry. Then use the P240 abrasive paper to smooth, then clean any dirt, dust and grease using white spirit and a cloth and when dry, remove any remaining debris.

2.       Mix body filler with hardener on to the mixing board provided using the white filler spreader. Mix for approximately one minute or until an even - 100 Parts filler - 2 parts hardener .

2.a) Apply the filler in a thin layer so that the surface is slightly higher of the level required. Leave to harden for 20 - 22 minutes at 20oC.

3.       After the filler has fully dried (Approximately 1 hour) sand down to required shape and the surface is super smooth using the abrasive paper wrapped around the rubber block. Start with P240, then P400 and finishing with P800 grade.

4.       De-grease the entire area using white spirit and a cloth. Make sure there is no dirt or fluff left behind.

5.       Mask the area using tape and paper provided to avoid any overspray. Start with the primer then when fully dried apply the colour then when colour is fully dry the paint is fully cured apply the clear lacquer of your choice (if required) as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

We match paint to order – we have over 77,000 colours simply select whether you need an aerosoltouch up pot or a high precision touch up pen then enter your paint code OR simply your registration number which will bring up your vehicles details and give us the information we need to mix the specific colour.

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