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Roof Boxes

It seems to us at MotorNuts that no matter how big your car is, there will come a time when you realise the you need a roof box for all that stuff your family insists on taking on holiday.

A roof box is the perfect way to extend the luggage carrying capacity of any car and help to get your car holiday ready. We stock a range of Monte Blanc roof boxes to help you to create that much needed extra baggage space. MotorNuts has a selection of Roof Boxes and Accessories for you from leading brand. 

When you are carrying loads on roof racks or in roof boxes it is essential to stay within the manufacturers roof loading limits. And remember to include the weight of the box and roof bars to the load total.

The roof loading limits are often a lot lower than you would expect so make sure that you check the vehicle handbook. Try to carry the bulky but lighter items on the roof and try to put the heavier items inside the car to lower the centre of gravity.

And of course, remember the height of the roof box whenever you are likely to enter a car part or height restricted zone. It’s often a good idea to place a note on the dash board to remind the driver of the extra height.

You must secure the load on the roof and make sure that it does not stick out from the vehicle too far or create a dangerous situation.

Remember at higher motorway speeds the pressure of the air will tend to lift the front of the load so make sure that the front fixings are secure. Check that the load cannot slip forward under heavy braking and stop occasionally to check that the load is still secure.

Take a look at MotorNuts selection of Roof Boxes and Accessories from leading brand.