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ROADPRO Portable Jug Kettle - 12V

Product code: C1205
1 litre capacity
  • £22.37

ROADPRO Portable Jug Kettle - 24V

Product code: C1206
1 litre capacity
  • £34.94

ROADPRO Portable Heating Stove - 12V

Product code: C1413
Can be used to heat most kinds of pre-cooked food
  • £46.79

ROADPRO Saucepan/­Popcorn Maker - 12V

Product code: C1415A
You can use this aluminium saucepan to cook the same food that you would in a regular model - the only difference is that you need a 12V supply
  • £35.64

ROADPRO Slow Cooker - 12V

Product code: C1417A
There is no easier way to make a hot, nutritious meal than in a 12V slow cooker
  • £48.73

ROADPRO Heavy-Duty Metal Fan - 6in. - 12V

Product code: C3208
Heavy-duty, all-metal 12V 6in. fan
  • £30.54

ROADPRO 2 Speed Portable Fan - 10in. - 12V

Product code: C3212A
Can be used anywhere where effective ventilation is required
  • £38.20

ROADPRO High Power Heater - 300W - 12V

Product code: C3608
One of the most powerful 12V heaters available
  • £66.34

ROADPRO Metronic Satellite Finder

Product code: D2424
An effective and reliable in.Needlein. type satellite finder at a very low price
  • £4.21

ROADPRO Through Window Cable Adaptor

Product code: D2507
Special 20cm flat cable adaptor which can be used to pass a cable through a closed window