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Protection & Cleaning Chemicals

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FABSIL Fabsil Gold Aerosol - 200ml

Product code: GRFAB50
High strength silicone treatment for all fabrics exposed to the environment for long periods of time
  • £5.64

FABSIL Fabsil Universal Protector - 400ml

Product code: GRFAB40
A spray-on or Paint-on
  • £7.08

FABSIL Fabsil Universal Protector - 600ml

Product code: GRFAB41
A spray-on or Paint-on
  • £8.11

FABSIL Fabsil UV - 1 Litre

Product code: GRFAB47
A spray-on or Paint-on
  • £12.92

FABSIL Fabsil UV - 2.5 Litre

Product code: GRFAB48
A spray-on or Paint-on
  • £18.62

FABSIL Fabsil UV - 5 Litre

Product code: GRFAB49
A spray-on or Paint-on
  • £30.73

FABSIL Fabsil Wax Cotton Proofer Spray - 200ml

Product code: GRFAB42
Revives appearance and functionality of wax cotton clothing
  • £5.70

FABSIL Tent and Gear Cleaner - 500ml

Product code: GRFAB54
Specially formulated to clean all tents, technical fabrics and gear
  • £6.72

FABSIL Tent Care Kit

Product code: GRFAB56
Removes dirt, dust, and stains
  • £19.28

GRANGERS Clothing Repel - 300ml

Product code: GRF74
Formulated to restore the water-repellent finish found on outdoor clothing
  • £8.28

GRANGERS Clothing Wash and Repel - 1 Litre

Product code: GRF86
All in one performance
  • £15.83

GRANGERS Down Wash - 300ml

Product code: GRF75
Specially formulated to clean all down-filled articles, including sleeping bags and jackets
  • £6.16

GRANGERS Footwear Care Kit

Product code: GRF96
Removes dirt and neutralises odours
  • £15.31

GRANGERS Footwear Repel - 275ml

Product code: GRF76
Specially formulated to apply a water-repellent finish to all types of footwear
  • £7.30

GRANGERS G-Wax Natural Beeswax Protection - 80g

Product code: GRF79
Maximum protection
  • £3.59

GRANGERS Gear Cleaner - 275ml

Product code: GRF77
Effectively cleans all technical outdoor fabrics and clothing, without using a washing machine
  • £5.89