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Protect YOUR Vehicle the Forté Way...

Here at Motornuts, we like to stock products from the professionals in order to bring you the very best in quality every time. One of the big names we are extremely proud to represent is Forté, a name that has become synonymous with exceptionally effective engine treatments.

The Forté range of engine treatments is used and recommended regularly by more than 9,000 garages and car care centres in the UK alone and its programmes have become standard in many vehicle servicing processes. 

For more than 37 years, the company have been building their levels of experience and knowledge; today they are in a position to help and advise motorists, garages and others on how to make effective, noticeable differences to vehicle performance.

Forté products stocked by Motornuts include:

Specialist Injector CleanerSpecialist Injector Cleaner

This complex blend of cleaning agents work in perfect synchronicity to dissolve those toxic deposits that form in all fuel systems.

Left unchecked, this buildup will restrict fuel delivery and lower efficiency, clearly something we all want to avoid in these fuel-conscious times!

The product is compatible with all systems and helps to lower exhaust emission, restore fuel flow and improve the overall performance of the engine as well as improve fuel economy by neutralising acids and dissolving lacquers.

Power Steering TreatmentPower Steering Treatment

Having good control of your steering becomes even more important during the winter months, when the combination of slippery roads and low visibility combine to make accidents a much higher risk than usual. Enhancing the performance of all fluids used in power assisted steering systems, Forté Power Steering Treatment is an essential addition to any shopping list.

The product helps to eliminate PAS stiffness, along with with any shudder, instability and noise. Oil leaks are prevented and the whole system operates more smoothly as the PAS pump is optimised and the fluid stabilised. This gives you better control and makes your driving experience safer and more comfortable.

These are just two of the many Forté products we always have in stock; check out the full range and give us a call if you need some expert advice.

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