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Pressure / Compression

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GUNSON Compression Tester - Hi-Gauge

Product code: G4101
Tool for measuring and recording the pressure created by the piston in each cylinder
  • £68.58

GUNSON Compression ­Tester Kit - Petrol Engines - 6 Piece

Product code: 77043
This compression tester kit comes complete with a large, easy to read 2 1/2in. dial face with accurate Bourdon tube meter movement.
  • £81.52

LASER Compression Tester - Diesel Engines

Product code: 2596
A comprehensive range of Glow Plug adaptors and dummy injectors for checking the Compression on diesel engines. Applications include:
  • £410.05

LASER Compression Tester - Petrol Engines

Product code: 2516A
Suitable for most petrol engines including motorcycles
  • £60.10

LASER Compression Tester Adaptor

Product code: 4332A
This extra long Compression Test Adaptor is designed to fit 12mm Spark Plugs
  • £38.72

LASER Compression Tester Master Kit - Diesel Engines

Product code: 4510A
Comprehensive compression tester for diesel engines
  • £573.06

LASER Cylinder Leakage Tester - 7 Bar - 100PSI

Product code: 5140A
100PSI (7 Bar) working pressure shows the source of compression loss as well as the percentage loss via the gauges
  • £270.41

LASER Oil Pressure Test Kit

Product code: 4851B
This kit is used for testing oil pump pressure and detecting faulty oil pressure switches and warning lights. Complete with large gauge with oil primed flexible hose and supplied with quick coupling adaptors for speed and security
  • £207.59

LASER Vacuum/Pressure Tester Kit

Product code: 3752A
This vacuum and pressure pump creates and holds a metered vacuum for testing a wide variety of automotive, marine, aircraft and agricultural equipment Vacuum = 0-30in HG (0-1 BAR) Pressure = 0-60PSI (0 - 1-4 BAR)
  • £163.15